True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


7. Long day short

Charleens POV
I walked out from taking a shower and I saw justin laying down looking at the bathroom door with his eyes wide open.

Justin: finally!!!

Me: hahaha what do you mean

Justin: I missed you 

Me: justin I was gone 15 minutes baby!!

Justin: still I missed you.(justin came from behind and hugged me) "babe come out I want to introduce you too some people

Me: again!!! Fine lets go.

Justin: yo guys Listen up!!! Guys shut up and look over here!! Guy this is charleen you can call her char but not babe she's mine.babe this is Ryan,Chaz,Alfredo.!!!!

Me: HIII you guys :)

Boys: HEYY :)

Chaz: damnn justin leave some girls for us.

Justin glared his eyes over to Chaz giving him the death glare.

Justin: touch her you die.

Me: come on justin he was kidding. Sorry bout that Chaz.

Chaz: haha it's fine char I'm just playing.

Me and justin went back to the room.

Me: justin I'm Bored!!

Justin: me too. I have an idea tho.

Justin looked up at me smirking and nudging his eyebrows together!!

Me: get your head our of the gutter justin. I wear a purity ring and so do you. We can wait!!!!

Justin: wait wait you know you said "we can wait" and we can't have sex till after marriage so are you saying you'd marry me??

Me: well justin if things worked out and we didn't break up and you asked maybe if consider it.

Justin:  you said "you'd consider it" pfft 

Me: I'm kidding justin ( I went over to him since he was sitting on the bed and out my arms around the back of his neck and whispered "I love you baby"

Justin: I love you to babe (I gave justin a kiss on the cheeck)

Justin grabbed me from The  back and swung me over his shoulder and started ticking the death out of me.

Justin: hahha so your ticklish

Me: Justin's stop its not funny

After 10 minutes of this he finally stopped.

Me: justin do beliebers now about me??

Justin: YUPPP I'm sure they know by now!!!!

Me:  :/ okay what if they don't like me?

Justin: I like you, my mom likes you, my friends like you, my family likes you,, that's all that matters 

Me: haha okay boo. So when is the concert?

Justin: well we get there in about half hour and concerts not till 2 more days. So we get cuddling time yayyyy!!!!

Me: your such a babie justin but your my baby so it's all good :*

Pilot: everyone fasten your belts well be landing shortly!!!

Me and justin say next to eachother he knew I hated heights so I put my belt on and rested my head on his lap till we landed and he just stroked my hair!!!! 

Justin: lets go babe were here!!!

Me: kk :) 

Justin: hold my hand and keep your hood up dont let anyone drop it. 

Me: I won't I promise

Justin gave me a kiss on head and we got into the airport. Paparazzi and beliebers everywhere!!!! But we just kept walking.


Justin: please stop


justin: I love you all too


I looked up at justin my eyes filled with tears. I whispered in his ear

Me: it's happening again all the name calling!!! 

Justin: shhhh it's okay babe. Don't cry well talk in the car!!! 

We kept walking till we go to the car we got In me justin and Kenny got our own limo Kenny sat in the front with the driver while me and justin got the back!!!!

Justin: babe?

Me:*sniff sniff* hmmmm?

Justin: babe I'm sorry bout all that happened back there I really am. But don't listen to them. I'm yours and only yours!!!

Me: I know justin it's not your fault I'm not mad :)

Justin: k good I just wanted you to know!!! Well were at the hotel so lets get going in. Kenny grabbed our bags and we walked in.

Scooter: okayyy!!!! Ryan and Chaz 1 room. Justin and char 1 room. Pattie own room. Kenny and me 1 room. Alfredo and Dan 1 room. Everyone has there keys your stuff will be sent right up and know your free to go!!!

Me: YEAHH boo we get our own room. 

Just as were bout to get into the elevator scotter screamed 

Scotter: justin char no funny business 

Justin: oh god he's gonna bug us all year!!!

I skipped in the hallways as justin looked for our room I was at the end if the hallway when justin said 

Justin:169 over here babe.

Me: great room number we have bet you scotter did that on person.!!!

I went to the bed and collapsed there for about 10 minutes till justin decided to sit on me.

Me: ju---sti---n are you tryin--- t-o kill me!!!!

Justin: noo I'm sorry ill get off!!!

Me: good!!!

Justin layed down head up facing the ceiling so I decided why not lay on top of him so I jumped on him. My head on his chest my face Burried into his neck my tummy rubbing against his.. Justin pulled his hands over me and hugged me for so long. I took a long whiff of Justin's cologne it smelled so good.

Justin: do I smell good??

Me: hmmmm YEAHHH!!!!! Justin I'm sleepy!!!

Justin : then go to sleep like this in my arms forever and ever!!!!

Me: forever is a big word justin!!!

Justin: but it's not big if I'm with you!!!

Me:awee baby I love you

Justin: I love you too 

Me: can I ask you a question justin?

Justin: anythin babe?

Me: will selena be anywhere near us?

Justin: oh babe I hope not! I'd never leave you.!!

Me: and id never leave you.

Justin: let me put you too sleep babe!!!

Justin: when I meet you girl my heart went knock knock now them butterflies in my stomach won't stop stop even tho it's struggle love is all we for we going to keep climbing!!!! Babe ??? 


Justin: good night babe I love you and always will. Can't wait for the surprised have planned for you :)

I promised a chapter tonight sorry if its short!!! Please comment below otherwise ill stop updating like the book up and favourite it for a chance for you to be in the book I'm going to choose 3 lucky people sorry if its short tho!!!


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