True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


3. last day of school? i hope!

**next morning**

Justin: Babe wake up, come on our going to be late for school.

Me: you sound like my mom!

Justin: im sorry babe but you have to get up

Me: Fine.

charleen's POV

Ughh I was so tired and I didn't want to get up. Justin went downstairs and I went to the bathroom to get ready. I straightened my hair and put on some denim shorts and a purple ruffle top and put on some ankle length sandals. I walked downstairs mad because Justin woke me up.

Justin: babe you look cute

Me: thanks

Justin: whats wrong?

Me: you woke me up :(

I turned around and stood there. all of a sudden I felt some arms behind Justin had hugged me from the behind.

Justin: Babe im sorry but you have to go today please.

Me: Fine

I turned around and Justin closed his eyes and puckered up his lips. so I gave him a quick peck on the lips and I felt a spark.

Justin: okay lets get you some breakfast and ill drop you off at school and plus I want to talk to your principal.

Me: why do you have to talk to him tho?

Justin: im going to ask him if you can finish school today and then we spend the next couple days together and pack up for the tour.

Me: omg really Justin.

I ran up to him and gave him a hug and jumped up to him I had my legs wrapped around his waist.

Me: I love you Justin I really hope he says yes.

Justin: I love you too babe. But lets get going your going to be late.

Me: okay let me grab my stuff.

I grabbed my bag and my phone and walked out and Justin locked the door. Justin's song " NOTHING LIKE US" was on the radio and he started singing to me. I had the biggest smile on face ever. as soon as the song ended we go to school. Justin opened my door and I walked out. people were staring at us at school but we ignored them and walked in.

Me: well I should get going to class ill see you later.

Justin: babe wait, why were people staring and talking about you?

Me: don't worry about it.

Justin: babe you look sad you have to tell me later but right now im going to talk to the principal. I love you.

Justin gave me a hug and walked off.

Charleens POV

I couldn't tell Justin why people were talking about me. it would make him mad that I lied to him. but hes my boyfriend I have to tell him. will he breakup with me? I hope not. It was big secret that I kept from him :/... I walked to class and it was 9:00am.

Intercom: can Charleen Shergill please come to the principal's office.

all the students started saying "ooooohhhh someones in trouble" I grabbed my stuff and walked out of class. thinking what this was about. I walked to the principals office and knocked.

Principal: come in

I walked in and saw Justin and Put on a big smile. I sat down next to him.

Principal: so charleen   I hear your going on tour with Justin. is that correct?

Me: yes sir that is correct.

Principal: okay. well I guess I can let you out early from school

Me: omg thank you so much sir.

me and Justin walked out of school and omg I was so happy.

Justin: see I told you he would say yess.

Me: im sorry I doubted you.

Justin: no need to apologize your my girl I love you and would do anything to make you happy.

Justin opened the door for me and I went in.

Me: awee Justin I love you too. where are we going?

Justin: I just have to change and shower up wanna come to my place?

me: sure I guess.

Justin: okay

***at justins house***

Justin: babe come up to my room im going to shower and you can watch tv up there.

Me: okay :)

Charleens's POV

Justin went to shower and I sat there so sad thinking I should tell Justin about all that but what if he gets mad and breaks up with me. I mean im such a bad person.

*couple minutes after*

Justin walked out wrapped in a towel.

Justin: oh sorry I forgot you were out here.

Me: haha its okay.

Justin: ill be right out im just gonna change.

he walked out and smiled

Justin: miss me

me: yess

he walked to me and jumped on me on the bed and just hugged me and laid down there.

Justin: babe why are you sad? tell me what all that was at school?

Me: promise me you wont be mad or break up with me?

Justin: babe I wont be mad and ill never leave you I promise.

Me: well before you asked me out yesterday I lied to you about something and I didn't tell you everything about me.

Justin: go on..

Me: Justin....I lied my parents aren't on a business trip. they died last year on a business trip there plane crashed. and I didn't want you to know because then you'd think that I was a loser and had nobody. kids at school make fun of me because I have no parents and that I have no one who loves me. they made fund of me at grad because I was alone there. they all call me a slut and say im a whore and that I have no one and no one will ever want me. I don't even know what I did I never had a boyfriend and they hurt me so much I went home everyday crying trying to kill myself. im sorry I lied Justin I really am I should have told you the truth.

I was crying while telling Justin all this tears rolling down my cheeks while Justin sat there with a hurt and sad look on his face.

Justin: Babe im not mad I just wish you told me the truth. and you know what I love you wither you have parents or not. your not a slut, whore or a loser. your beautiful and a smart girl. those kids at school don't know well enough to judge you. ill always love you no matter what my parents will love so will my brother and sister you can call them your family. and please never ever think about killing yourself I don't what id do without. I love you babe.

me: thanks Justin that means a lot and im sorry about this I really am

Justin: its okay babe.

me and Justin sat there in bed for awhile and just cuddled.

Justin: soo wanna go back to your place and you can pack and stay with for the next 2 days and then off to the tour.?

me: yess id love to stay with you.

Justin: okay lets go.

we grabbed our things and left.

*at my house*

Me: Justin will you help me pack pleaseee.?

Justin: of coarse babe

me: okay you pack all my shirts and ill pack my pants. pack what you think ill need.

Justin: okay babe.

* awhile later*

I go and check what Justin packed for me

Me: JUSTINNN!!!!!!

Justin: yeah babe?

me: why did u pack me sweaters and full sleeve tops?

Justin: because I don't want other guys looking at you and I don't want you leaving me.


I walked over too Justin and cupped his face in my hands.

Me: Justin im not going to leave you ever. okay I promise

he leaned in and we kissed. his lips were so soft and perfect.

Me: now pack my summer clothes please.

Justin: haha okay. after where done were going back to my place.

**done packing**

me:okay were done lets go.

Justin: give me the bags ill go put them in the car.

as Justin was putting the bags in the car I was locking the door. I had tears in my eyes.

Justin: babe why you crying? whats wrong? did I do something wrong? tell me? im sorry?

me: Justin shut up with the questions im just gonna miss the house being away for a year.

Justin: but babe its worth it well be together and well have fun and travel the world together.

me: I guess your right

I wiped away my tears and walked to the car. we got in and drove off. when we got to justins house I noticed a car in the driveway.

me: Justin whose car is that?

Justin: my moms don't worry she knows I told her and scooter they said yes. well be meeting my dad and brother and sister in new York.

me: yay were going to new York im so excited. but im nervous meeting your mom.?

Justin: don't worry shes going to love you.

me: okay

Justin gave me a quick kiss before opening my side of the door.

Justin: Ill grab your bags.

me: are you sure do you need help?

Justin: no its okay

me: okay

I froze there for a second and Justin yelled

Justin: babe come on don't be scared itll be fine.

me: coming sorry about that.

Justin opened the door and walked in and put down the bags. I stood at the door with a scared look on my face. Justin shut the door and came outside to me and cupped my face.

Justin: look at me everythings going to be fine. everyones going to love you. you make me happy and as long as im happy there happy. so stop being scared please.

me: okay ill stop but lets go in its cold.

Justin and I kissed and he held my hand and we walked in and I smiled at him.

Justin: MOMMM!!!!!

Pattie: im coming Justin.

pattie walked down stairs and omg can I say shes beautiful there she was standing infront of me smiling and I smiled back at her she was walking closer and closer to me. I was getting so nervous.


hey you guys I hope you like my story so far im so excited to write this its so fun. and I promise ill write better and im sorry if its to long or short for you ill do a lot better. please help me get people to read it. LoveMyBieber_ I hope ur loving it I updated just like I promised thank you for your support love you :) please comment like and favourite it would mean a lot......


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