True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


16. Last concert

Me and justin were so concerned when she said "I'm your worst nightmare" justin came Beside me and stood beside me.

Justin: who are you?

This girl came closer to me I was actually quite afraid she pulled her arms out for a hug and hugged me and then punched me so hard in the stomach I fell to the ground 

?: stay away from our justin you little ugly bitch go kill your self.

She ran away after saying all that.
Kenny picked me up with justin following behind and we ran to Justin's room. I was now crying becuz that's how much it hurt.
Kenny put me down on the bed and left. I was crying quite alot now.

Justin:  OMG babe are you okay?

Me: NOOO.. Does it look like I'm okay.

I was crying alot now.  And so was justin 

Justin: I'm sorry this is all my fault babe.

Justin pulled me into a hug and kissed my head.

Justin: I'm sorry for all this all the hate you get from the beliebers I'm sorry babe I really am.

Me: boo stop crying this isnt your fault.

Justin: does it hurt?

Me: yeah it does but ill be fine don't worry about it. I'm going to change ill be back.

Justin POV
I hate that girl who punched char. How could she wat did char ever did to them why do they hate her

Me: justin I'm going to lay down for awhile.

I was wearing my pj shorts and Justin's v neck. It was 8:45pm
So I thought why not just rest.

Justin: can I join you.

Me: don't need to ask.

Justin took his clothes off and was in his boxers and he just layed in bed with me he was rubbing my tummy tryin to make it feel better. He sang "be alright" to me and I drifted asleep.

It was 2am in the morning when I woke up. 

Me: oh my fricking god!! I screamed!!

Justin woke up and shot up to me screaming.

Justin: what wrong babe?

Me: my stomach hurts

Justin: that little bitch who hurt you I hate her. Wait I'm going to get you water and a painkiller.

Me: hurry tho.

Justin came back with a pain killer and water and I swallowed the pill.

Justin: better babe?

Me: a little 

Justin: come here.

Me and justin layed back in bed and I cuddled with justin I Burried my head in his chest and he put his arms around me and I fell asleep.

**9am next morning**

I woke up to an empty bed.

Me: justinnn.........

Justin: coming babe. What's wrong?

Me: I wanna cuddle.

Justin: okay.

Justin and I layed in bed and I just hugged him. He smelt so good I took a little sniff

Justin: I smell good dont I?

Me: heheh yeah!

Justin: does your stomach still hurt ?

Me: no.

Justin: can I lift your shirt and see if you have bruise?

Me: yeah go for it.

I was still laying in bed and justin pulled the cover off and lifted my shirt mid way.

Justin: HOLY SHIT!!!!!

Me: what?

I shot up and ran to a mirror

Me: Oh My Fricking God this is bad!!!

I started tearing up.justin ran to me and wrapped his arms around me.

Justin: shhh babe don't cry it's okay everything's going to be alright.

Me: justin it's horrible look how bad it looks

Justin: babe it's okay look up at me.

Justin pulled my chin up

Justin: no one ever sees your stomach besides me so don't worry.

Me: fine.

Justin: I have a soundcheck soon and your coming with me. One more concert and 1 week off just me you and my family.

Me: I'm going to shower up.

Justin: be careful okay.

Me: YEAHH!!!

I put on my black skinny jeans and an ice blue Lacey strapless top. With a white cardigan over top. I threw on
My black boots (not uggs)

Justin: should we go?

Me: yeah I'm ready. Can we stop at timmies first tho?

Justin: yeah.

Me and justin walked down to the lobby and mom and scooter were waiting down there.

Pattie: hey baby how you feeling ?

Me: fine mom thanks for asking

I hugged mom and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Scotter: hey char sorry about all that! Were going to make sure you have security by your side at all times. Justin and I hired someone for your own safety last night. His name is Dave and he's quite a funny guy. He will be like a big brother to you.

Me: thanks scotter it means alot to me.

I turned around and wrapped my arms around Justin's neck and hugged him.

Me: thanks boo for everything.

Justin: anything for you

We pulled out of the hug and kissed each other on the lips and we ran into the range rover.

Justin: guys were stopping Timmies first me and char are hungry.

Scooter: k man 

We go to timmies and Kenny and Dave took us both I'm Kenny was on Justin's side and Dave was on mine.

Justin: yeah we'll have 2 medium hot chocolates and babe what else?

Me: umm a cheese bagel with butter please.

Justin:and 2 cheese bagels with butter.

Employer: that's $4.68

Justin tossed her a $5 bill

Justin: keep the change.

We grabbed our food and went into the rover and ate there on our way to the arena.

Justin: I hope that bitch is there who hurt you so I can get her arrested.

Pattie: watch the language youngster.

I started giggling

Justin: sorry mom

Me: justin are you sure I don't want it becoming a big deal.

Justin: babe I told you 1000 times ill do anything for you.

Me: thanks boo

I rested my head on justin shoulder 
We got to the arena and got out. Justin did his usual soundcheck part till we got to the question and I promised justin i would come on stage for questions.

Justin: babe come on out.

I walked out to the stage and stood next to justin who put his arms around my waist.

Justin: any questions guys?

?: umm this is for char? Are you feeling better?

Me: yeah sweetie I am thanks for asking!


?: justin are you ready for tonight's concert.

Justin: hahha yeah I'm

?: are you excited for Christmas?

Justin: I am I get to spend it with my family and friends and my beautiful girlfriend.

Justin kissed my cheeck.


Justin: aweeeee 

I was looking around till I saw the girl who punched me in the stomach I didn't make eye contact with her cause I didn't want her knowing I saw her. I looked to justin who was smiling and answering questions I went closer to his ear

Me: (whispers In ear) don't make this to obvious but look to you left see the girl In the purple shirt blonde hair she's the one who punched me make it very causal and pretended to smile.

Justin: (whispers back) were going to security right now.

Justin:HEYY guys we'll be right back give us 2 minutes I'm just going to get a drink of water. 

Me and justin ran backstage hand in hand.

Justin: scooter,mom,Kenny,Dave. Go out in the crowd surround the girl in the purple shirt and blonde hair but don't make it to obvious. 

Scooter: why man?

Justin: she's the one who hit char. I'm calling the cops and I don't want her leaving till then.

Scooter:k man were on it.

They all left into the crowd.
Justin  grabbed his phone out and called 911 and did the talking. 
Me and justin walked back out to the stage.

Justin: sorry about that guys.

Within seconds the police was at the arena. scootter moved his hand to the police and told then to be quiet.

Justin: you guys all know what happened to my girlfriend yesterday and to say that the person who had punched her had the guts to show her face here crazy!!  

The girl who had punched me started walking backwards till she bumped into was the cops.

Cop: sorry girl your coming with us.

They handcuffed the girl and took her away. Justin looked at me and smiled with a big grin on his face.

Justin:(whispers in my way) see I'd do anything for you. Lose a belieber too.

I smiled back at justin and pecked him on the lips.

Justin: okay you guys thanks for today I had a great soundcheck and I can't wait for to see you all at tonight concert.

Beliebers: bye justin we love you.

Justin:I love you guys too.

Me and justin walked off stages d went backstage. We went by scooter,Kenny,Dave,mom

Me: you guys thanks for what you just did back there. It means the world to me.

Pattie: sweetie anything for your Saftey.

Pattie walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheeck.

Me: I love you mom.

Pattie: I love you too sweetie.

**right before Justin's convert**

Scooter: everyone gather around this is out last concert before Christmas holidays and I want us to do a chant that we always do. It's the first time justin and char will spend Christmas together with the family. So lets make it a concert to remember.

Me and justin looked over at eachother and leaned in for a shirt kiss.we all leaned In for a circle and put our arms around eachother and justin started his prayer.

Justin: dear god,thank you for making me who I am today. You took me from a boy who puts up YouTube videos to a boy who has done 2 world tours. You gave me a family who loves me and encourages me to do my best and believe in myself. And recently you have me another blessing in life. An amazing girlfriend who loves me for who I am not me being famous. She pushes me to my hardest and loves me to the fullest . She perfect to me and I love her. Thank you for everything you have done for me and will do for me. Amen.

We all put our hands in and did a chant!


Everyone walked there separate ways and me and justin stood there I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I cupped his face in my hands.

Me: I love you baby. Today's the last concert sing your best and enjoy it. I love you so much and always so proud of you. You have no clue how much I love you alot and go out there and enjoy it.

I leaned in and gave justin a kiss on the lips.

Justin: I love you too babe your the best thing that ever happened to me bigger than all this I am today. For you today I'm going to sing my heart out.

Justin kissed my forehead and walked our own directions I walked to the bottom row down the hallway I yelled



Justin went on stage and sand "as long as you love me" first and ended with "mistletoe". After the end of the concert Justin made an announcement.

Justin: I just want thank all of your belivieing in me I am who i am cuz of all you.i want thank my family for the amazing support you give me and all love I want thank my friends for being by my side and most of all I want thank my girlfriend for everything she pushes me to the fullest and loves me for who I am not for what I am. I love you baby girl. Thank you all for coming today.

I looked at justin with tears in my eyes and me and the family screamed we love you justin!!!! And I started tearing up and blew him a few kisses. I ran backstage to justin and jumped into his arms.

Me: I love you justin.

Justin: I love you too my baby girl
I have justin a kiss and he was sweaty and frick but he looked sexy!!

Me: you look sexy when your sweaty boo.

Justin: you look sexy all the time.

Me: hahaha oh come on boo 

Justin planted a kiss on the side of my head.

Justin:want to go home?

Me: yes please I'm sure your tired and I'm tired and tommrow I have to ask pattie if we can go shopping for Christmas!!

Justin: yeah I want to go shopping too.

Me:haha ya no your not coming it's just me pattie and jazzy!! You guys can stay at home.

Justin: but babe ill miss you.

Me: we can cuddle when we get home

Justin: fine.

*at home in bed*

Justin had his one arms under my waist and the other on top my waist he was hugging me while i was in bed! And I was snuggled up into his chest.

Me: you did great today.

Justin: all because of you

Me: I love you

Justin:I love you too. Know go to sleep your tired I can tell!

Me: good night justin

Justin: good night baby girl.

HEYY I know this chapter sucks poop!!! So the MMVA'S yesterday Justin's damn ass wasn't there WTFF but he won an award that's all that matter!! 

So how's the book. You still have a have to be in the book I'm taking as many people as possible so come comment you name PLEASEE 


I love you guys all so much :*

CHARS present to justin is going to change Justin he's going to be so happy and have an endless smile on his face. It's going to make Justin's present look so bad but nice!! 

Wanna know what it is ill give you a hint it is.............


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