True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


9. First hangover

Justin: okay let's go have lunch!!

Me: okay.

Justin walked over to my door opened it for me. Pulled me in by my waist and kisses my forhead.

Justin: I love you gorgeous

Me: I love you justin drew bieber

We walked into the restaurant.

Justin: hi we have a table booked under private area.

Waiter: yes justin bieber and charleen shergill right this way.

Justin: come on babe

Waiter: right here sir and ma'am 
Someone will be right over to take your order.

Me: wow justin this is beautiful it's so warm and toasty in here.

Justin: I thought you'd love it.

Waiter: hello my name cody can I take your order?

Me: umm YESS can I have a caesar salad crispy and a glass of water.

Justin: and ill have steak and vegetable mix on the side with a glass of Pepsi.

Waitor: YESS sir it'll be over within 10 minutes.

The waitor walked away.

Justin's POV
I'm so happy char likes all this. She's going to love it ever more when I give her the necklace.

Charleens POV
I can't Belivie Justin's doing all this for me it's to much 

Justin: babe I have something for you.

Me:justin no more you've done so much already for me. Don't be spending money on something useless like me.

Justin: never ever say your useless ever again. I'm choosing to do this becuz I want to show what you mean to me. 

Me: I'm sorry justin what was it u had for me. 

Justin: here babe

Justin handed me a little black box and I opened it and took the purple tissue off. My eyes started tearing up when I saw the necklace it said C+J =together forever I was know crying.

Me: oh my god justin I love it it's so pretty.

Justin walked over to me and picked me up and put me on his lap.

Justin: awee babe why r u crying?

Me: no one has ever done something like this for me I'm just so happy!!

Justin: can I put it on you.

Me: of course
I moved my hair out of the way and he put it on me.i looked down at it it was so pretty.

Me: thank you justin I love it sooo much you have no clue!!!

Justin: I'm glad you love it babe.

We planted a kiss on eachother lips and he put me back on my chair and went back to his.

*alredy done eating*

Justin: you done eating

Me: yeah what time is it?

Justin: 5 

Me: yeah let's go to the beach for a walk.

Justin: okay babe.

Justin left the money on the table and we walked out and got into the car.

Justin drove to the beach while we listened to "baby" 

Justin: okay let's go for a walk on the private part of the beach!!

Me: okay let me take my heels off tho.

Me and Justin intertwined our hands and started walking.

Justin: so you enjoying it so far. Our first actual date

Me: you have no clue Justin.

Justin: awee well I'm glad you like it babe


Justin: hahha aweee okay come on.

Justin took his wallet out.

Justin: which one?

Me: spongebob

Justin: can I have 2 spongebob Popsicles please. Thanks

We kept walking and holding hands while eating the Popsicle in the other hand.

Me: look at the sunset justin it's beautiful

Justin: not as beautiful as you tho.

I started Blushing and turned face around. 

Justin: oh shit we gotta get going to club.

Me: oh okay!!! I'm kinda nervous it's my first time. I've never even drank

Justin: well your gonna have the time of your life tonight.

Me: haha yay!!!

**At the club**

Security: mr bieber this way please 

Justin: okay!!

We walked in and "LOW" was on by flo rida. Justin walked over to the bar and grabbed us both a drink. I waited in the V.I.P area!!! When justin got back we both drank and went to the dance floor and started dancing. I was infront of him and we were grinding and I was dancing for so long it was crazy!!! I had about what 12 drinks and justin had like 4 cuz he had to drive back!!! I was so
Wasted it was my first time. It was like 2am and justin thought I had enough becuz apparently I was on my 15th drink and I couldn't even stand
No more so justin carried me to the car.

Justin: damnn babe I gave you to much to drink your gonna have a rough night.

Me: heheheheheheh justin I love you
I was so wasted I kept laughing and giggling

Justin: OMG babe shut up and be quiet while I drive

Me: you said shut up to me
I started crying

Justin: I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry don't cry please babe I'm sorry boo I love you. 

Me: hehehe it's okay boo I wuv you too

Justin: fuck your so wasted!!!

**outside of the hotel**
Justin: k come on let's go

I walked out of the car and tried to walk but I fell!!!

Me: owwwww hehehe I fell justin hahaha

Justin: get up ill carry you.

Justin carried me up to the room while I kept touching his face with my index finger.

Me: justin your so cute.

Justin: hahaha oh babe your so cute when you drunk 

Me: hehehehe come on justin lets go cuddle!!

Justin: babe your already in the bed!!

Me: oh hahaha well come cuddle with me.

Justin: fine but I'm sleeping in my boxers

Me: hehehe are you know??

Justin: oh god babe

Char leaned on to me and put her arms around my waist. She started stroking my face with her finger. 

Me: justin your so sexy

I stayed silent cause the more I talked the more char would get turned on and it was my job to make sure we don't have sex. 

*next morning*

Charleens POV
OMG my head was pounding so hard it hurt like a fucker!!! I opened my eyes and Justin was sitting up with his head in his hands and his hair all over the place!!! I felt gross like I was going to puke so I ran to the bathroom and justin followed me and held my hair up!!!!

Me: justin what happened last night. Why am I in my bathing suit??

Justin: nothing happened let me tell you that. First brush and put on some clothes come back to bed and we can cuddle and ill tell you what happen.

Justin's POV
Well char has been throwing up since 4 in the morning!! And she tried to have sex but I wouldn't let her break that promise with her mom. She's going to be torn when I tell her that!! She took her dress off because she threw up all over it.

Me: justin come cuddle now.

Justin: I'm coming.

Me: so tell me what happened

Justin: babe last night when we went to the bar you had 15 shots of booze and you wouldn't stop. You were dancing around with all the guys and just ignored me you couldn't even walk so I thought you had enough so I carried you home. I put you to bed and you really tried to have sex but I couldn't let you break that promise with your mom so I tried my best to
Stop you and I did and you kept on
Throwing up all night so you ended up taking your dress of cuz it was covered in puke!!

OMG I wanted to cry to what justin said to me I can't belivie I did that's. it's so embarrassing and the biggest mistake I ever made. I let go of justin and crawled into bed and started crying.

Justin: babe are you crying?

Me: I'm sorry I embarrassed you justin I really am never meant to
Hurt you in that way in promise. And I cant believe I tried to have sex I'm such a bad person!!

Justin: babe your not a bad person trust me. Everyone has a day like this when they drink to much!! It's no big deal okay trust me. Just forget it all okay!!! How about we go to the beach today and enjoy our last day off. I have my first concert tommroow of the believie your!!

Me:  yeah I guess the beach would be fun :) ill go get cleaned up.

Justin: okay babe be quick I wanna take a shower after you.

Me: ok :) justin??


Me: I love you

Justin walked over to me and touched his forhead with mine and kissed it 

Justin: I love you too.babe what if we end up getting married!!!

Anddd that today's chapter sorry it took awhile!!! I kinda was busy reading "our future" the best fricking book ever!! So how did u guys like today's chapter?? Please comment favourite and like!!!! I WONT UPDATE UNLESS YOU COMMENT!!!!!!!! 



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