True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


10. Don't leave me

Charleens POV
I can't believe justin asked me "what if we get married" trust me I Have no problem getting married to justin but it's the age problem.

Me: justin I have no problem of us getting married but were just to young!!!

Justin: but would you marry me in the future?
I was lying on top of justin it was actually quite comfy!!!

Me: I promise justin once I'm 18 we can talk about this I promise. Well it's unless we stay with eachother till then!!

Justin: I'm sure we can stay with eachother till then who else puts up with me haha.

Me: haha i always put up with you baby!! Now let me go take a shower!!

Justin: be quick!!

Justin's POV
There's no way I can let me and char split up. Not if I want to marry her!!!

Charleens POV
I took a shower and out on my tube top blue swim suite it had a white diamond in the middle justin loved it and wanted me to buy it so I though might as well!! I put on blue denim short over top. With a cream knit think see thru shirt and threw my hair into a bun!!

Me: baby I'm ready for the beach!

Justin: lets go then!! Everyone else is tagging along to

Me: everyone as in?

Justin: scooter, mom, Kenny,fredo, Chaz and Ryan!!!

Me: Ryan's coming YESSS!!!

Justin: excuse me ?

Me: haha I'm just kidding baby lets go!!!!

Everyone took a car to the beach and we got out and went to the section that was private and booked for us.

Charleen POV
We got to the beach and I layed my towel down and took off my shirt and shorts to tan!!

Ryan: damnn girl don't be looking so hot when your hot!!!

Justin smacked Ryan in the head!! 

Justin: learn some manners she's going to be your sister in law one day you dumb fuck!!!!

Ryan: sorry char

Me: it's all good Ryan!

Justin came layed beside me and put his arm around me.

Justin: I love you beautiful

I turned to come face to face with justin I kissed him on the lips and went closer to him and put my arms around his neck and put my lips on his ears and whispered 

Me: I love you too I said in a seductive voice!!

I could feel justin getting hard!!

I layed back down and bit my lip.
Justin came real close to me and whispered in my ear!!

Justin: Jerry's getting out of hand 
Calm him down.

Me: you wish justin.

Justin: I do wish

Me: I turned around and said : justin lets play football.

Justin: you sure babe I don't want you getting hurt!!!

I shot up and put a huge smile on my face.

Me: speaking of hurt you never asked me what my hobbies are!!

Justin: what are your hobbies babe?

Me: dance and kickboxing!!!!

Justin: yea I noticed the dance at the bar the other day (I shot justin a glare) but damnn babe kickboxing that's hot how long?

Me: been a year so far!

Justin: we gotta have a match one day. But lets go play football.

Me: okay!! 

Justin: fredo, Ryan, Chaz, scotter 
Lets play football!!

Guy: coming bro.

Justin: ok guys teams are me, char, fredo and scooter Ryan and Chaz.

Me: as if baby I want to be with Ryan and Chaz.

Justin's fave dropped into a frown!!!!

Ryan and Chaz: damn justin your girl wants us.

Me: shut up guys!!

I walked over to Ryan and Chaz 

Justin: why babe?

I turned around and ran to the back and winked at him and bit my lips and mouthed "watch me" I saw him getting turned around. 

Scotter: okay game starts now

Ryan had the ball first! Ryan threw it to me and I ran with it I dodged fredo and threw it to Chaz he ran with it and we got a point!!

Me: good job Chaz 
I ran to Chaz and have him a hug and he spun me around.

Justin: let her down Chaz. Touch her again your all going in the water.

Me: oh come on baby don't be mad your girlfriends winning!! I winked at him and ran back!!!

Everyone: damnnnn justin. She's a keeper eh?

Justin: mouthed "seriously" 

I smiled and had the ball first Ryan took it from me and ran with it. He got us another point so I gave him a hug and he also spun me.

Justin: that's it babe the waters waiting for you. 

Me: if you can't me boo

I started running for straight 5 minutes I circled pattie.

Me: mom!!!!!!

Pattie: justin leave the girl alone

Justin: nope the waters calling her I don't keep people waiting!!!

I ran and Justin didn't give up he eventually caught me from my waist he spun me around and kissed my check!! I kept on laughing.

Justin: this is for getting Jerry excited! No one hurts my Jerry!!get ready for the water. There's sharks here btw babe.

Me: I'm sorry justin but don't throw me in I hate sharks. 

I started tearing up justin has no clue how big of a fright I have from sharks!!! Justin saw me tearing up but didn't care.

Justin: Ryan come help throw her in

Ryan: coming man

Ryan and justin: ready girl!!

Me: noooo

Justin: too late 

I was now in the water and tearing up and slowly tears dropped my eyes I stood there with my head down. Justin didn't see me crying. He walked over to me and lift my chin up!

Justin: hey hey hey babe why u crying? Wats wrong?

Me:.......... I looked up at him and said nothing!!!!!

Justin: I'm getting the silent treatment aren't I.

I grabbed char by the waist and walked backwards getting her to go deeper and deeper!!

Me: I pushed justin into the water and ran back to Ryan.

Me: he so deserved that!!

Ryan: OMG char there's a shark behind him I'm serious!!! Justin come back Ryan screamed JUSTINN

Me: OMG I started tearing up JUSTINNNNNN COME BACK justinnnn I'm sorry baby PLEASEE come Back ( I tried going to him but Ryan wouldn't let me go in ) JUSTINN PLEASEE baby come back!! Justin wouldn't even come out of the water where was he justinnn!!!! I feel horrible justin might die cause of me.

Hey guys. Sorry about the ending so we all Justin's afraid of sharks well so am I hate them!!! Please comment favourite and like pleaseeee

What's next?


Sorry for the short chapter I have to study for science 

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