True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


5. Day before tour

IDoctor: don't worry you guys, trust me she's just a little stressed out and has a stomach flu she'll get better by this afternoon.

Justin: are you sure doctor?

Doctor: yes son

Justin POV 
The doctor came and left. But I'm so so hurt I love her and I can't even take care of her what kind of boyfriend am I. I just want her to wake up I miss her so much I miss her hugs her voice her smile. Please babe just wake up

Charleens POV
my head wasn't pounding anymore. I heard justin sobbing and pattie went to go get more medication. My eyes were itching so I got up.

Me: justin.

Justin: babe oh thank god your okay.

Charleens POV
I got up and my head was on Justin's lap. I looked up at him and his eyes were bloodshot. He was crying for so long.i feel terrible

Me: how long was I out for?

Justin: about 2 hours

Me: ohh justin baby stop crying please I'm going to be okay I promise ill be healthy to go on your with you okay.

Justin: babe I'm sorry for not taking care of you. I'm a horrible boyfriend I'm nothing I'm just a useless teen boy.

Me: JUSTIN DREW BIEBER you are not useless or horrible you perfect your everything a person wants. Infact there's millions of girls who want you but you choose me I should be grateful for this 

Justin: I choose you because your perfect. You everything I want you make my heart seem full.

I got up and sat next to justin.

Me: okay let's stop all this I'm gonna go shower and get cleaned up and change 

Justin: okay come quick cause you have to take your medication and then I'm taking you shopping my treat.

Me: really 

I ran up to justin and jumped up to his waist and hugged him. He leaned in for a kiss and we made out for about 5 minutes his lips we so small and soft it was amazing

Me: thank you baby I'm so excited ill be back soon.

Charleens POV
I'm so excited for going shopping with justin. It's going to be so fun I took a shower and washed my hair with strawberry and cream shampoo and Lavender body wash. I changed into black skinny jeans and my a white tank top and put on my gray vans.  I wanted to wear Justin's sweatshirt and I thought I should ask first so I went downstairs.

Me: baby can I wear you gray sweatshirt please?

Justin: take whatever you want what's mine is yours.

Justin was standing infront of me while. He said that he puckered up and I kissed him on the lips.

Me: thanks boo
I put on his gray sweatshirt and blow dried my hair and straightened it. I didn't wanna put to much makeup so I put on some bb cream and eyeliner and mascara that should be enough.

Me: justin I'm ready lets go

Justin: come here and take your medication then ill take you 

Me: ughhh it tastes gross tho.

Justin: babe either u take it or ill be mad and won't talk to you

Me: I'm not taking it I hate it

Justin: fine I won't talk to you

Justin POV
Char wouldn't take her medication so I decided I won't talk to her till she does I care about her and I want her to be healthy. So I walked over to the couch and sat down watching tv

Charleens POV
I didn't want to take the medication cause it tastes gross and justin got mad at me for not taking it. He went and sat down on the couch and watched TV. I had a an idea I very smart idea to make him talk to me.

Justin's POV
I turned around and looked at char she was sad her eyes were tearing up but I had to be brave and ignore her I care about her and she has to take hers meds she turned around when she saw I was looking.

Me: justin I'm cutting a salad do you want some?

Me: fine ignore me then I don't care

I was cutting up my salad ;) and justi would talk to me but I had an idea to make him talk to me.


Justin dropped the remote and ran towards me and grabbed my hand!!

Justin: WTF babe don't ever fricking scare me like that again you get it. What if you did cut it. 

Me: hahahaha 

Justin pulled me into a hug and I looked up at him and kept laughing 

Justin: it's not funny babe

Me: hahaha I'm sorry boo but I had to make you talk to me one way or another.

Justin puckered up his lips and I have him a quick peck!!!

Justin: now take you medication so we can go to the mall

Me: okay

Justin put my medication in my mouth and gave me a glass of water

Me: ewww I hate the after taste.

Justin: I know babe but u have to come one lets get going there's gonna be a lot of beliebers there so be ready!!! 

Me: okay I'm ready lets go

Me and justin walked out the door and justin locked it and i went to his car and got in. Justin's song "baby" was on and we started singing to it.

Me: hahaha ohh justin I love you!! 

Justin: babe I love you too :) so mom wanted us togo shopping for some fancy clothes and some regular clothes just for some after parties and stuff

Me: ohhhh yay sounds fun. But justin its all going to be so expensive I can't buy all this I can't afford it.

Justin: babe I'm buying everything. We're together forever and I'm buying whatever I can to make you happy if I can buy you happiness I would.

Me: aweee justin your so sweet I don't what id do without you. 

I pecked him on the lips and we got out of the car and went in.

Justin: Kenny's meeting us here because of the beliebers.

Me: oh okay I'm good with that. 

Justin: oh there he is Kenny you meet charleen the other day so no introductions let just get started on shopping.

Me: yes let's get started I'm so excited.

Justin: where should we go first?

Me: forever 21

Justin: anything thing for you sweetheart.

Justin pecked me on the cheeck
And we started walking towards forever 21 after shopping there we  went to go shopping for justin after that we walked out and were gonna go buy a dress for me.

Me: justin what dress do you like? This strapless black tight dress or the black sleeve dress?

Justin: I like the strapless one you look hot in it.  

Justin walked over to me and grabbed my waist and started kissing me.

Me: justin not here please hehehe justin stop.

Justin: fine I'm sorry babe.

I changed out and heard justin screaming

Justin: babe quickly come here we have to pay and leave the beliebers found us.

We payed and Kenny and the security surrounded us and we hurried out!!

Beliebers: justin we love you! Who is she? Is she your girlfriend?

Justin: please leave us alone

Charleens POV
I started feeling sick to my stomach and my head was spinning. I fainted again.

Justin: shit! Kenny pick her up and take her to the car ill grab the bags.

Justin POV
OMG I don't know what happening to char she's fainted twice today!!

**in the car**

Justin: shit!!!!! Kenny drive home home fast please.

Kenny: on it man

**at home**

I carried char into the house

Pattie: oh my god justin what happened?

Justin: idk mom she fainted again!!

**few hours later**

Me: justin

Justin: shhh babe are you okay?

Me: yeah I'm fine 

Justin: what happened back there?

Me: oh I'm claustrophobic I forgot to tell you sorry about that!

Justin: is there anything else you wanna tell me?

Me: what do you mean justin?

Justin: you seem to forget telling me
Things alot.

Me: well I'm sorry justin I'm not your perfect girl.

Charleens POV
I grabbed my phone and put on my vans and walked out of the house! WTF was justin calling me lier not wanting me back ? Oh god why can't I be perfect. It was cold outside and windy I needed Justin's warm
Hugs my eyes started watering up were me and Justin over?

Justin's POV
God dammit why did I say that. She walked out on me. She's fricking sick has. A fever it's fricking cold outside and raining and windy she's gonna get more sick. Why can't I keep my mouth shut. 

Charleens POV

I kept walking around the street justin lived on. I felt my phone vibrate so I looked at it

**30 miss calls from justin**

Looks like I had my phone on silent but I didn't answer justin.
It was 11:45pm at night. I got a text from justin

 Babe come home I'm sorry I miss you. Your gonna get sick please I beg come back I love you I didn't mean that.

I ignored the text and started crying more i fell down to the curb and Burried my head to my hands. I needed justin right now the most he's all I have.  My phone vibrated another

25 miss calls from justin

I got another text from 

Where are you it's getting late come home please I'm sorry babe I can't sleep I need you in my arms
Please babe 

I looked down at my phone it was 12:15 I've been out of home for about 2 hours I should head back. I walked back and opened the door no one was there I went up to mine and Justin's room there he was sitting on the floor leaning behind his bed his eyes were bloodshot he had tear marks all over his face he saw me and got up but I grabbed my pjs and went to the bathroom and he followed.

Justin: babe open up I'm sorry please I love you. If you don't wanna talk to me don't but atleast take your medication your gonna get more sick and we have to get going on your tommorow.

I opened up the door and looked at justin he was crying even more he embraced me into a hug and kissed my forehead.

Justin: babe your burning hot. And look at you your hairs soaking wet. Get laying to bed.

I ignored him and walked to bed

Justin: I'm sorry babe. I love you.

Me: that's fine justin. I just should have told you before I have a bad memory I love you too boo 
Justin came into bed with me and put his hand around my waist and I Burried my head into his neck.

Justin: I love you beautiful 

Me: I love you to boo

Justin: I can't wait till the tour tommorow

Me: maybe I shouldn't go justin.

I looked up at justin his face turned pale and eyes went all watery. Maybe it was for the best I'm just going to be more trouble for him.

Hey guys help me get people to read my book. WILL CHAR GO? WILL JUSTIN TAKE CARE OF HER? 
I need some people in the story so comment your name, hair colour, and eyes thanks guys maybe ill update tommorow  

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