True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


13. Concert

Scooter: justin come see selena.

Justin's POV
Ewww I really don't want to see selena she broke my heart and when she did the only one to support me was char and I love char and want her and only her. I glared at scooter when he told me to come see selena.

Selena: JUSTINNN!!

Selena ran up and tried to hug justin and I let go of Justin's hand and tears started forming in my eyes but I held them back!! Justin didn't let selena hug him he just pushed her away!!

Selena: what's wrong baby!!

Justin: don't call me baby you have no right to call me that!!

Justin pulled my waist closer to him and kissed my forehead!!

Justin: she has the right to call me that and she always will. Selena meet char my girlfriend my one love.

Selena: ohhh hi.

Me: hmmm hi.

Scotter: okay selena for your opening act your singing "come and get it" is that correct?

Selena: YEAHH!!!

Selena walked to the stage and glared at me as she walked. Justin turned my waist around so I was facing him and he started ticking me. 

Me: justin stop!! Hahahaha

Justin: haha fine!!!

I put my arms around Justin's neck and he out one hand on my waist and the other on my chin and lifted it up. And we kissed to be honest this was the most amazing kiss ever we smiled part way thru it. We pulled apart and I turned around and justin hugged me from the back and rested his head on my shoulder.

Me: I love you justin. And I'm really proud of you tonight.

Justin: thanks babe I love you too. But I'm tired!!!

Me: lets go cuddle backstage you still have 5 hours left till concert!!

Justin: okay!!!

Me and justin walked backstage and sat on the couch that was there he layed down on the couch and took all of it.

Me: boo where am I going sit the whole purpose of this is so we can cuddle.

Justin: I know babe. Come lay on top of me.

Me: yay okay :)

I layed on top of justin and rested my head on his chest and we just talked and talked. 

Justin: babe?

Me: yeah!!

Justin: be honest to me. When selena came to come hug me back there did you get jealous.

Me: I'm not going to lie but yeah I did get jealous!!

Justin tilled my face from his chest up so I was facing his face.

Justin: babe you don't need to be jealous I'm yours and only yours she can't have me back she lost her chance and know its only you and me together forever.

Me: I hate her for hurting you in such a way. And I don't want her to interfere between us it's just going to be me and you.

Justin: and I promise she won't interfere and if she does she's going to get heck from me. It's just you and me forever

Me: good 

I gave  justin a peck on the lips and got up.

Me: boo I'm hungry.

Justin: yeah me too!!! What do you wanna eat??

Me: subway I'm craving for a sub!!

Justin: okay ill send someone out to go get some for us 

Me: okay!!

Justin called scooter 

Justin: hey man me and char are starving to hunger can you go grab us some subs please

Scooter: yeah ill send someone out.

Justin: yeah thanks man.okay so scooters going to send someone to get us subs!!!

Me: okay.justin can we take a picture I want post it on twitter and instagram!!

Justin: of course babe.

Me: silly faces 1.2.3.

Me: hahah I love it it's adorable.

Justin: lets see. Awee it is cute.

I posted it on twitter and instagram!!
The caption was "my baby's concerts tonight at soundcheck today. I love you boo I hope you have a great concert and I'm really round of you!!@justinbieber.

I logged off before my phone started blowing up I gained alot of followers since me and justin got together!!

Justin: haha let me guess you logged off cuz you don't want your phone blowing up!!

Me: oh god YEAHH!!!

Justin: hahaha.

*scooter came with our subs we at them and this is after that*

Me: so babe you ready for tonight you have a hour and a half left!

Justin: YEAHH so excited for tonight. I have to go to wardrobe wanna come with?


Justin: okay let's see what we have here. Black leather plants with tank top and black shoes okay it's all good!

Me: ill go out so you can change.

Justin grabbed my waist when I was walking out.and turned me around.

Justin: what you can't see your boyfriend change!!

Me: I have no problem with seeing you change.

I winked and bit my lip. And walked to the couch and layed down.

Justin: babeeeeeeeee don't bite your lip your such a tease you know I hate that.

Me: hahaha aweee I'm sorry baby. But you might want to control jerry he's getting out of hand.

Justin: you fix it you started it.

Me: uh mmm how about no it's your body part you control it hahah.

Justin: I hate that I love you.

Me: I know I love you too.

Justin started stripping down and put his leather pants on and the rest of his clothes on.

Justin: can we cuddle before the concert!!

Me: you have 45 minutes left baby but yeah sure just for a few minutes becuz scooter told me to bring you out in the hallway. I'm suppose to meet jazzy and jax. 

Justin: why don't we go meet them right now!

Me: OMG yayyyy!!!

Me and justin walked down to the hallway where we were suppose to meet.

Justin: hey dad.

Jeremy: hey son.

The both hugged and backed up.

Justin: dad this is char.

Jeremy: oh come here girl give me a hug your free to call me dad!!

Me: awee thanks for the welcoming hug!!

Dad: anytime!!!

Justin: where are jazzy and jax!!?

Dad: oh there lookin for you they missed you like crazy how about you both go hide ill call them out and you surprise them!! 

Justin: haha okay!!

Me and justin were hiding in that room behind everyone!! Justin leaned in for a kiss and I kissed him back!! We could hear jazzy and jax asking where justin was!!

Jazzy: daddy where's justin?

Jax:dawwddyy justinnn?

Dad: justin!!!

Justin: coming. Hey babies !!

Jazzy and jax ran up to justin and justin knelt down and hugged them both and gave them a kiss.

Justin: I missed you both

Jazzy: I missed you too justin

Jax: me too.

Justin: guys have want you to meet char.

Justin stood up and put his arm around my waist!!

Me: heyyy cuties!!

Charleen POV
OMG they were the cutest little munchkins ever!!

Jazzy: justin is this your girlfriend?

Justin: yeah jazzy she is!!

Jazzy runs up to me and hugs me I pick her up and she says 

Jazzy: your really pretty I love you.

Jazzy gave me a kiss on the cheeck and I gave  her one back.

Me: awee thanks jazzy I love you too.

I felt something tug on my legs I looked down and it was jax he had his arms opened up he wanted me to pick him up! I put jazzy down and I picked up jax!!

Me:HEYY jax

Jax: hii. I love you and your really pretty!!

Me: awee thanks baby you two are such cuties I love you both I gave jax a kiss on the cheeck and put him down!!

Justin: they both got a kiss on the cheeck do I get one?


I have justin a kiss on the cheeck.

Justin: k you guys chars going to be standing down there with you guys okay!!i have to go know!!

Me:okay baby

Justin grabbed my arm and dragged me to the side!!

Me:justin what are  you  doing

Justin: I want a kiss before I go.

I gave justin a long but not to long of a kiss!!

Me: justin baby have fun make it the best show ever.i love you so much and I'm super proud of you. Have the time of your life and do your best. 

Justin:I love you too babe. And this going to best show ever because your here!

Me: awee thanks boo go now have fun.

Scooter and Kenny walked justin to the stage while me and the rest went down to the other side to go sit down!!i was walking with pattie!!!

I heard justin scream something so I turned around and he yelled


Me: I LOVE YOU TOO JUSTIN!!!! I gave him a flying kiss and kept walking!!

Pattie: you guys are so cute

Me: awe thanks mom means alot!!

Pattie: so you excited for the show


Pattie: good your going to love it.

Me. I hope.

We walked down to the crowd and stood really close to the stage so we could see justin and he could see us.
Someone came on stage and started saying.

?:when I say justin you say bieber.

The whole crowd went crazy!!


Crowd: bieber


Crowd: bieber

?:here is justin bieber!!

Crowd: (screaming people crying)

The song baby was on and Justin was singing he came closer to me and started looking me in the eyes and I was so happy I was crying I was so proud of him you have no clue!!! The Song finished and justin went backstage again!!

DJ: and here is selena gomez performing "come and get it"

The crowd wasn't as wild as they were with justin but whatever!!

Selena: when you ready come and get it blah blah blah blah blah blah 

And Justin's song as long as you love me was on. And justin ran in stage and selena was walking backstage she came face to face with justin and tried to hug him
But justin dodged her and ran around to the other side and didn't give her hug and that made me happy!!

When as long as you love me was over it was "OLLG"

Pattie tapped me on the shoulder!

Pattie: sweetie Justin's wants you to  be his first "OLLG" for the tour!!

Me: OMG are you serious mom!!

I was so happy I was crying me and pattie held hands as we were waking backstage!!

Pattie:good luck baby ill be waiting right here!

Me: thanks mom I love you.

Pattie: sweeties that's the first time you said I love you to me and it means alot to me I love you to baby!!

The doors opened and it was fredo standing there I guess justin wanted him and only him to hold my hand bring me out!! Fredo held my hand and took me to the big chair and I say down.and justin was walking down from the grandstair case.he had roses In his hands and gave them
To me and kissed me on the cheeck!
He sat down next to me and held my chin with his one hand and sang to me and looked me in the eyes every word he said was so true. I was getting teary eyes and started crying and all of a sudden the lights went out and I felt a pair of lips on mine oh justin and his crazy ideas!! And the lights went back on and he winked at me and kissed me on the cheeck and mouth "I love you" fredo grabbed my hand walked me back to door.

Me: thanks fredo

Fredo:anytime girl!!

Pattie was standing just where she promised.

Pattie:how was it sweetie?

I was crying and I stopped tho

Me: best thing ever mom I'm so happy justin and his crazy ideas I love him to death. Should we go back!!

Pattie: no Justin's just going to make a speech after this and the shows over!!

Me: okay :) 


And there's the concert so what did you guys think??  Did you like it?
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What's GOING to happen next?
What will char think of the hug justin dodged?will selena make char jealous?

Lets see!!

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