True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


21. Christmas/promises

Jazz and jax: wake up silly bums

Justin:jazzy and jax go open your presents me and char will be down soon i promise

Justin: babe wake up

He put his arms around my waist and I buried my head into his chest and hugged him. He kissed my head

Justin: merry Christmas beautiful

Me: merry Christmas justin.

Justin:wake up?

Me: to give you your present ill do anything.

I got up and went to the bathroom it was kind of chilly so I just took a shower and put on some jeans and one of Justin's hoodies. I blow dried  my hair and left my face natural no make up today I walked out and sniffed Justin's sweater. I swear everytime I smell his sweater it makes me fall in love with him all over again. 

Justin: ready babe?

Me: yup. What about you?

Justin: ya I showered in the other bathroom.

Me: lets go then.

Me and justin walked downstairs with our hands intertwined with one another. We walked to the family room and saw that jax and jazzy already opened there presents!! 

Me: so you kids like the presents.

Jazzy: yes thank you so much char I love them you have such a great pick in things u now exactly what I like.

Me: aweee baby anything for you I love you sweetheart.

I gave jazzy a kiss on the head

Me: what about you jax?

Jax: I wuv it thanks justin and char.

Justin: your welcome superman.

Pattie: justin.char. Your guys turn.

Me: baby you first.

Justin: okay.

I opened them all till I got to the last one.

Justin: so this last present I bought for you so it's useful for tonight.

Me: yay I'm so excited.

I opened the box justin handed to me and opened the lid and OMG it was a diamond necklace with diamonds hanging from it. I came to tears while looking at it.

Me: OMG justin I love it it's so pretty, just what I wanted.

Justin: glad you love it babe.

I bent down to justin and gave him a kiss on the lips.

Jeremy: your turn char.

I went to the tree and gave justin all his gifts but the promise ring one he opened them all and loved them. I handed him the last one.

Me: baby I don't know what your going to think of this gift you may think of it as a sudden rush but I hope not.

Justin opened the box and read the letter I wrote for him.

Dear, justin
Your the best things that's ever came Into my life. Your all I have and all I want I love you so much and can't even imagine spending life without. Everytime I see You i fall in love all over again. I made a promise with you that and Im keeping and I'm fulfilling it today.

From, your babe
  ~forever always&always forever

Justin: awee babe thank you I love you so much but what promise.

Me: open the box.

I saw Justin's reaction his jaw dropped. And eyes started forming into his eyes I got up and cupped his face his eyes meet mine.

Me: I promise you I will love you forever and do whatever I can to be the best girlfriend I can. I promise you it will always be me and you and no one else. I love you justin.

I bent in and gave justin a kiss on the lips. While into the kiss his tears fell down onto my face.

Me: please don't cry.

Justin: OMG I can't belivie this I'm so happy I-I  ddont know what t-to saay.

Me: nothing you don't say nothing. Just let me put the ring on you and you put it on me. 

Me and justin stood up and kissed before the ring. I put the ring on justin and justin put the ring on me. 


I started blushing and I leaned into justin and dug my face into his chest.justin wrapped his arms around me and kissed my head.

Justin: this is the best present I could ever get. I love you baby girl

Me: I love you too justin.

Pattie: soooo know why don't we eat breakfast?

Me: yes please I'm so hungry.

We all walked to table and ate breakfast. Since it was Christmas  everything was closed before the BIG dinner party me and justin went upstairs and cuddled and talked

*Cuddling In bed*

Justin: I'm so happy

Me: I know I love you so much.

Justin: I love you too babe.

Me: I don't like how the promise rings are with our purity rings.... So since these promise rings means were going to get married why not take off the purity rings........

Justin:OMG seriously. Can we actually!!!!

Me: yes... But that doesn't mean I'm ready to have sex

Justin's smile faded away but then came on again

Justin: whenever ur ready baby girl

He kissed my head. After hours and hours of talking I realized what time it. Was. I shot up from Justin's arms and his smiled faded away

Me: shit.

Justin: what.

Me: it's 6:00  I have An hour to get ready for the dinner.

Justin: frick I forgot about it. Kay well ill go shower in the other bathroom and you shower in this one.

Me:Kay baby.

I have justin a kiss on the lips and went to take a shower.

I took shower and wrapped the towel around me and went into the room. I opened the door and justin was sitting on the bed with a towel around  his bottom.

Me: what's wrong boo?

Justin: oh huh. Nothing 

Me: sure?

Justin: yeah.

Me: go get ready then pleaseee 

Justin: YEAHH...

I grabbed my dress,makeup,and heels  and went to the bathroom.

Justin's POV
I grabbed my tux and red silk handkerchief to put in the pocket of my coat to match chars dress.
I put on my tux and dryed my hair and left it down today  since char likes it that way I put on my shoes and checked my self in the mirror and can I just say I look great.

Chars POV
I put on my shirt and undies so I could do my hair and put my dress on after. I curled my black hair and put my side bangs into a sweep. I put on some foundation and silver eyeshadow and topped it off with a little mascara and eyeliner. I put on the dress and the GORGEOUS necklace got me and the diamond earrings I put on my silver heels. And looked at my self in the mirror. I look pretty for the first time. Right as I was done getting ready I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

Justin: ummm babe you ready, everyone left and said they'd meet us a hall.

Me: ummm yeah I'm ready. 

I opened the door and Justin's jaw dropped.

Me: how do I look?

Justin: fucking gorgeous. 

I walked pass Justin's as I noticed he had a little situation.

Me: want to fix ur problem.

Justin: ummm..........

Me: babe 3 more months. And I'm 18 then we can if I'm Ready.

Justin: I know babe.

Justin came closer to me and put his head on my head and kissed me on the lips it was such a passionate kiss that I just wanted to forget about that 18 things.

Me: hmmmm maybe I have to reconsider the whole thing about me
Being 18 and just start off now.

Justin:  hahaha whenever ur ready babe lets go.

Me and justin intertwined our fingers and walked downstairs he opened the front door for me.

Justin:ladies first.

Me: thank you.

Justin locked the door and we walked to his white Ferrari.
We got in and he started driving to the hall.

*at the hall*

Me and justin walked into hall and saw Ryan b, Ryan g, Chaz, pattie, Jeremy, Erin, grandma, grandpa, jazzy,jax,alfredo, Kenny and Dave.

Kenny:ahhhh there they are.

Jazzy ran up to me. And I picked her up.

Jazzy: u look like a princess char.

Me: but your mine and Justin's princess 

Jazzy: can I give you a kiss

Me:awee babe u don't have to ask
She gave me a kiss and ran back to her seat. Justin grabbed me by the waist and pulled me in and whispered in my ear.

Justin: everyone loves you but I love you more than them remember that.

Me: I know boo.

He kissed my forehead and we started walking to the table.

Everyone:hey justin hey char


Justin: hey

Pattie: char you look gorgeous

Me:thank you pattie

Scooter: everyone I think justin has a speech before we start dinner

I look over at justin 

Me: awee really

Justin: oh yeah baby

We all closed our eyes and held eachothers hands

Justin: dear god , thank you making me who I am. Making me a regular boy who's dreams came true. U made a better and confident person. You gave me a amazing mom who cares for me a belivies me you have me a dad who's always there for me. U gave me family that makes a better person. But most of all you gave me a amazing girlfriend like char.  Amen

I opened my eyes and looked at justin.

Me: I love you justin.

Justin: I love you too.

We started eating dinner when my phone beeped.

*beep beep*

To: charnii

I miss you and love you. I'm always here for you if you need anything.



Please please don't kill me. I know I haven't update in forever but I mentioned how I'm not okay but I'm absolutely perfect now :)  I need someone to help me write the book anyone want to take half the credits of writing it please I really  need help just comment below if you want to.please

So who's the text from??? 

What's Justin's reaction going to be to it??

Is there something chars hiding from justin???

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