True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


18. Christmas eve

Me: my brother 

I said crying into Justin's chest.
Justin pulled my face up 

Justin: wait, what.babe you never told me You had a brother.

Me: he isn't my real brother.

Justin: come here and tell me who he is.

Me:my mom use to be the manager at Tim Hortons and all the employees who worked there were in between 20-25 and my mom and dad use to family parties and invite them over and some of them treated me like they would treat there own sisters try would buy me presents and protect me. And one of them was treated me so good and my mom told me he's like my big brother I always wanted. He treated me like princess and bought me whatever I needed. I loved him to pieces and he loved me too. And I had a dream he left me.

Justin: aweee babe i don't know him but if he loves and cares for you he won't leave you. And if he does I'm here for you I won't ever leave you and that a promise I'm never going to break.

Me: I know you won't leave me but I just get scared you will.

Justin: I won't ever.  

Justin kissed my forhead and tucked me back into bed and wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forhead. I put my head into his chest and went to sleep while he sang to me.

Justin: I love you baby girl.

Me: I love you too justin.

Justin started singing "simply amazing" by Casper to me. A little tears escaped my eyes while I drifted to sleep.

Justin's POV
I don't understand why she thinks I'm going to leave. She's always going to think that no matters what!!! Ill have to prove to her one way or another!!! Well Christmas Eve is tommorow so I'm not spoiling that for us.

*next morong*
Cuddled up with char

Jazzy and jax: (jumping on the bed) wake up justin and char!!!

Justin: hmmm jazz jax let us sleep.

Jax: pwease wake up

Jazzy: justin pweasee

Justin: ok fine but let char sleep

Jazzy and jax: merry Christmas Eve

Justin: you to babies.

Jazzy and jax walked out of the room. Justin turned to the side of me wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on my head

Justin: (whispers in ear) merry Christmas Eve babe.

Me:mmmmmmmm justin 

Justin: why u moaning babe. I didn't do anything.

Me: shut up.

I got up and put my hair in a bun.

Justin: so excited for tommorow 

Me: me too. Your going to love your present.

Justin: oh shit I need to go get yours, get your damn ass up and get ready we also need to buy stuff for jazzy and jax

Me: shit k

I shot up and ran to the bathroom I took a shower and  blow dried my hair I put on a dark blue jeans and a red top with a gray coat and a black scarf with black boots and put some makeup on. I put my hair in a bun and came to the room.  Justin was wearing black jeans and a black v neck with red hightops.

Justin: damn you look fine

Me: right back at cha

Justin chucked 

Justin: lets go let me grab my coat

Justin grabbed his coat and we hurried downstairs without mom noticing us leaving. We tiptoed to the door and jazzy saw us she was about to say something but we put our fingers on our lips to make her be quiet she turned around and watched TV. I put my hand on the door handle.

Pattie: smarter than you think get ur  buts on the table then you can go.

We froze right where we were and turned around and walked to the table.

Me: morning mom.

I have mum a kiss and went to table.

Pattie: morning kids.

Justin: I have to call Kenny and Dave to meet us here in 15.

Justin called and within minutes they were at the door we ate and left.
We got to the mall and justin went into a store and made me wait outside. 

Justin: ill grab the rest of your presents later babe.

Me: wat is one not enough ?

Justin: not even 2 is enough.

Me: whatever lets go find something for jazzy and jax.

We walked into toys are us.


Justin: WHAT U OKAY?

Me: yeah I'm fine but I want this for jazzy PLEASEEEEEEE JUSTIN PLEASEEEE!!!

Justin: oh god babe fine!!

I picked up the big Barbie house it was so cute and I picked up 2 barbies for her. Justin picked  up something for jax and we payed and left.

Justin: babe either you go home or wait in the car for me with Dave hell stay there till I get there and then they'll take there car back to the house and well leave then.?


Justin: I have to buy the rest of your presents.

Me: babbbyyyyy why!!!!! Ill wait in the car.

I turned around and started walking with Dave.justin grabbed my wrist and pulled me to his waist and put his arm around my waist and the other on my face. He gave me a quick kiss.

Justin:I love you baby girl.

Me: I love you too plz dont be to long.

Justin:I won't.

We walked our separate directions. Me and Dave were like brother sister we would fool around all the time.


Dave: what!!!!!!

Me: I have to go buy some things for Justin for tommroow.

Justin gave me a credit card and he has it loaded with money all the time there probably over $50 000 dollars on there. 

Dave: where to?


Dave: do you know which one your going to buy for him.

Me: PSHHH no that's why I'm taking you so you could choose for him.

Dave:okay cool. 

Dave chucked and I smacked his arm. 
I jumped onto his back and he gave me a piggyback ride but all of a sudden he dropped me down.

Me: heyyy

Dave:stay close 


Dave:beliebers...... Pull up your hoodie.

I pulled up my hoodie and put my head down.

Beliebers:char over here OMG we love you.

I kept looking down and smile crept up on my face.

Beliebers: stay away from justin you slut. We hate you. Your only using him for his fame and fortune.

I was so hurt by what they said. I would never do that to justin I love him so much. Me and Dave went into the SnapBack store and Dave picked a couple snap backs for justin and we payed and left.
We were walking back to car when when I saw justin sitting in the car. And Kenny outside.

Me: HEYY Kenny!!!!

Kenny: there you guys are.come
On Dave lets go.

Kenny and Dave left they were acting a little strange. I walked to the back door and opened it and put the bags back there. I got into the seat next to justin! He looked kind of upset or sad about something but I didn't say anything I took my phone out and just logged on to twitter. And made a tweet!!!!

Tweet:  shopping with my baby. Love him.

Justin: where the fuck were you?

Me: errrmmmm just went to get something  for you.

Justin: you could have effin told me.

Me: I didn't think it would take that long.

Justin: whatever.

Me: it's not my fault there were beliebers everywhere.


Me: I'm fine boo.

Justin: I'm sorry babe I just got a lite worried about you won't happen again  I promise I should have left you alone.

Me: no it's okay justin it's not your fault.

Justin: anyways lets get going I have alot things to pack up and out under the tree.

Me:same I'm packing jazzy stuff and your you pack jax and mine.

Justin: okay.

Me: I get your room.

Justin: BOoo you fine.

Justin: babe?

Me: hmmmm 

Justin: I love you

Me: I love you too 

I bent over and pecked justin on the lips. And held his hand the way there. I was so sure I was going to fall asleep.

Justin: you look tired?

Me:no just exhausted!

Justin:. There's a difference?

Me:  don't push my buttons 

Justin: I like pushing your buttons you look really hot when I do.

Me: shut up and keep your eyes on the road please.

Justin: FINE!!!!!!!!

Me:thanks boo.

*at home inside*

Me: I'm gonna go wrap everything up.

Justin: I'm going to the other room.
See you soon.

We walked our separate directions  into the rooms and I grabbed jazzy and justin stuff boy I had alot to wrap up.justin: I had his 3 hats, the promise rings, the big box of sour patch candys I bought him. For jazzy: the big awesome doll house and the 3 barbies and a few clothes. 

I wrapped everything up and walked downstairs with the presents justin was waiting down there. I was stumbling walking downstairs.

Me: I could really use help right now before I fall and get rushed to and hospital.

Justin:what!!! Ohhh sorry babe

Justin grabbed a few boxes and put them under the tree.

Me: thanks boo

Justin: damn that's alot of boxes of presents. 

Me: I know right. Can we watch a movie?

Justin: sure babe.

Justin and I got up and walked to our room and Justin put on a Christmas movie. He came back and I was in my pjs justin took his clothes off and came to the bed In boxers. I went closer to justin and put my head on his chest. And kissed his neck I wrapped my arm around him and he put his around me. 

Me: I love you justin

Justin: I love you too baby girl

Me: can't wait for tommorow I hope u like the biggest suprise I have for you. 

And to that we drifted asleep

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I know I haven't updated in weeks I had finals and work and stuff but ya. I hope you liked it. I might stop writing soon cuz none of you seem interested and I don't have many views??

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