True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


22. cheating?

Chars Pov

I looked at the text I got and it didn't say who it was from. Justin peaked over to see what was wrong because I had a worried look on my face.



Justin:(whispers in my ear) whats wrong?

Me: someone sent me this text and I don't know who it is.


I handed justin my phone and he looked at it. he sent a text back saying "whos this" he kept the phone with him.


Justin: don't worry babe ill handle it you just enjoy all this okay?

me: okay boo.


 I could tell on Justin was very concerned about this he thinks im cheating on him but im not ive never even had a boyfriend before justins my first love my everything.




Justins POV

I know char loves me but I kinda have a feeling shes cheating on me I mean if she was she wouldn't tell me about the text would she? no she would never cheat on me. she loves me. I looked over at her and mouthed "I love you" it wasn't minutes till I got a reply from this person.



its me silly... your ex...!!!!



Justin: char I need to talk to you outside.


Justin: please excuse us.


we went out of the hall


me:whats wrong??

Justin: this person is saying hes your ex..

me: what the frick... Justin I told you I've never had a boyfriend before you have to trust me...

Justin:hey hey hey don't cry I trust you I don't know who this guy is but hes just jealous I blocked the number so he wont bug you anymore okay... lets go eat and go home and watch some movies okay?



Justin started walking back to the hall till he looked back and noticed I wasn't walking...

Justin: come on babe....

me: Justin I promise im not cheating don't have doubt in ur mind that I am I love u and only u.

Justin:i know princess and I don't have a doubt okay now come on I wanna eat and go cuddle back home..


Authours Note

heyyyyy sorry its short but im busy today....we have tornado watch.... I promise ill update again... ohhh ohh phhh k soo theres a story called "nothing like us" and omg omg omg the writer was having a contest on who could be justins girl in the story and I won......OMG OMG OMG I CRIED IM SO HAPPY YOU ALL HAVE TO GO READ THE BOOOKKKK PLWEASEEEE

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