True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


11. Bad news

Me: justinnnnn come back swim back pleaseee boo I'm sorry for pushing you in.

Justin: I'm right behind you babe!!

Ryan was laughing uncontrollably 
On the ground and so was justin but he wasn't on the ground!! I had a serious face on my face and my face was full on stains from Crying I was so mad at justin you had no clue

Me: what did you find that fucking funny? Cause I sure didn't. If you want a girlfriend who would find that funny how about you go find a new one. If that was me Instead of you
Out there you would have done the same. So do yourself a favour and find a new girlfriend who has a better  sense of humour than me.

Justin eyes were starting to tear up I felt horrible for saying that to him but he could have died I love him to death but his jokes aren't always funny I walked off and put my shirt on and shorts on and grabbed my phone.

Me: mom I'm going home.

Pattie: sweetie you okay.

Me: ya I'm fine see you at home

Justin was running after me and finally caught up to me he was crying now his eyes were all puffy!! He grabbed my waist and spun me around

Justin:ba-be I'm

Me: save it justin I'm going home.

I walked back to the hotel since it was only a 15 minute walk I remembered the key to Justin's  hotel room but not mine I forgot mine but it doesn't matter. I walked to hallway unlocked the door. I grabbed Justin's sweats and his v neck since I had no clothes I took a shower and put them on. I walked back out and went to Bed. I was just about fall asleep till I heard justin outside the door talking to pattie.

Justin: i don't know mom she wouldn't open her door I really hurt her Im Such an asshole.

Pattie:don't worry justin she's going to be fine.

Justin: I'm gonna go text and call her.

Justin's POV
I'm such an ass I hurt my babe in such a bad way and now she hates me. I knocked on her door and she wouldn't open it so I went back to my room. I walked In and closed the door.i  Walked to my bed and there she was a beautiful angel sleeping in my bed. I walked over to her tried to wake her up I really had to talk to her.i noticed she took a shower cause her hair was wet and she was wearing my clothes.

Justin: babe. Wake up.

Me: go away justin.

Justin: not till you listen to me.

Me: fine speak

Justin: babe I'm sorry I know that was a horrible joke to play on you. It hurts to see you like this and I don't want to lose you. You mean the world to me and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I wouldn't have happened if I didn't throw you into the water.

I looked up at justin and  he was looking down and tears were Falling on my arm. I got up and cupped Justin's face in my hands and kissed him on the lips.

Me: no matter what you do ill always love you no matter what I say ill always love you. I'm sorry baby I said go find a new girlfriend you know I
Didn't mean that were going to stay with eachother together forever! 

Justin: I hope we do babe stay together and forever. Can we cuddle?

Me: is that question to ask come one lets cuddle.

Justin: we have to sleep in time I have my concert tommorow night! And I want you to come and go stand with mom dad jazzy and jax is that okay?

Me: OMG jazzy and jax are coming?

Justin: yeah you can play with them
During sound check!! We need to leave here by 3 soundcheck is at 4 and concerts at 8 so it'll be a busy day and the day after that were off to Washington!! 

Me: I'm so excited I'm so proud of you baby. Your such An amazing guy! Your the perfect boyfriend the perfect singer perfect son perfect brother!!! What else can I family or girl ask for her!!!

Justin: I'm so glad to have you in my life and I want you to be in my future dreams just you me and our little babies running around driving us crazy!!!

Me: and I promise justin it will be me, you and our babies!!

Justin: lets sleep now babe!!

Me: I can't sleep.

*knock knock*

Justin: ill be back I'm gonna go open then door

Me: k boo

Justin: ay scooter!!

Scooter: hey bieber, you and char good now?

Justin:better than ever

Scooter:that great!! So guess what??

Justin: what

Scooter: selena is your opening act for tommorow's concert!!!

Charleen POV
I can't believe I just heard that what the heck she's going to try to take him away from me.i love justin so much
Justin's POV
I can't believe selena is my opening act what the heck she's goin to try to take me away from char and I love char so much

Me&justin: WHAT!!!! NO WAY

Hey boo's so I updated twice in one day I'm proud of myself today hahaha :* but I'm more proud if becca today the author of "our future" she updated what 4 times today she's such a great person go read her book guys!! So what do you think is going to happen next is selena going screw shit up? Why can't she just stay away? Will justin and char stay together forever?

Sorry it's short I have so much to do today and I'm Sick ill update 2 times
Tomorrow I promise  

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