True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


14. After concert

***Please read the end notes really important***

The concert was over and I could hear the crowd leaving. The doors opened and I saw justin I gave pattie the roses and ran to justin and he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and rested my head on his shoulder. I started crying again cuz I was so happy.

Me:I love you justin thank you so much.

Justin: I love you to gorgeous I'm so glad you loved the surprise.

Me: I didn't love it. I absolutely adored it  its the nicest thing someone ever did for me or would do for me.

Justin out me down and kissed me on the forehead. Me and justin intertwined our fingers and started walking to the dressing room.

Pattie: char baby I'm taking the roses ill give them to you when he get back to the hotel.

Me: okay mum.

Justin: when you say mum to my mom it makes me feel great.

Me: ill do whatever I can to make you happy.

Justin: and that it why I adore you.

Justin pecked my nose.

Justin: I'm going to go take a shower ill see you right here in 10 minutes don't move from the couch please.

Me: don't waste your time. Ill be waiting right here not moving!!

Justin went to take a shower I got my phone out and went on twitter someone tagged me in a photo of when me and justin were in stage of today's concert. I retweeted it and my caption was "my baby surprised me today, he's such an amazing boyfriend I love him to pieces."
I logged off and waited for justin.
He walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist. 

Me: justin dry your hair it's drilling everywhere.

Justin: you dry it for me.

Me: fine toss me another towel.

Justin tossed me another towel it was smaller than the one wrapped around him. I took the towel and put it in his hair and shook it around making it dry not to dry but dry so it wasn't dripping water.

Me: now go get some clothes on. I want to go home and change.

Justin: I have another pair of sweats and shirt here just go take a shower now so we can cuddle when we get home.

Me: better be dressed by the time I get out of the shower.

Justin: yes mother I will.

Me: shut up.

Justin tossed me the sweats and a shirt and I went to go take a shower.
I took a shower and came out. I was still drying my hair with the towel.

Me: good your dressed.

Justin: yup just like you said.

Me: damnn justin it's cold.

Justin: here I have two sweatshirts put one on.

Me: put it on me.

Justin walked closer to me and I lifted my arms up and he slid it on me.

Me: thank you.

Justin: shall we go.

Me: we shall.

Justin and I grabbed all our stuff and 
Walked down to the back of the arena. Scooter and Kenny where already there waiting for us.

Scooter: come on love birds hurry up.

Justin and I ran holding hands into the tour bus. We were so tired we went to the room in the back and laid down on the bed. Justin wrapped his arm around my waist and nudged his head into my neck and I played with his hair.

Me: baby I'm so proud of you. You have it your best today, you sand great and made us all so proud of you. I love you baby.

Justin: I love you too babe.

Me: are you tired boo?

Justin: (yawns) YEAHH!!!

Me: well were almost at the hotel so don't sleep okay!

Justin: okhayyy!!!

Me: haha I likes the hug you dodged from selena.

Justin shot up and started laughing!!

Justin: oh haha I know right that was quite funny I tried not laugh on stage.

Me: it made me happy tho that's for sure I thought you would hug her but you didn't.

Justin: I hug only friends,family,crew and most of all YOU!!

Me: well lucky you, you have all those people to hug when I had no one till know.

Justin: don't say that babe that makes me feel bad.

Me: I'm sorry boo.

*knock knock*

Pattie: kids were at the hotel come one.

Me: come justin lets go in.

Justin: I want to cuddle.

Me: inside

Justin: there not going to let us in the same room.

Me: you go to your room and ill text you when I come to your room.

Justin frowned 

Justin: fine.

Justin and I got up and held hands and out our hoods up there was paparazzi everywhere we ran into the hotel and held hands and walked into the elevator and we all got it and we walked into the main hallway.

Me: night baby ill see you tommorow morning 

Justin: but... 

I hugged justin and kissed him on the cheeck. And I whispered in his ear

Me: ill see you soon boo

I kissed justin on lips and walked seperate directions I turned around and he was frowning. I winked at him and went into my room.i collapsed on my bed. I grabbed my phone and checked what time it was it was 10:45 no one is going to sleep till 11 I had to wait for awhile I got a text and I opened it up it was from justin of course.

To: my babe <3
Babe come!


I texted justin back

To: my boo <3
Wait till 11

From: char

I got an instant reply back

To: my babe <3 
I miss you babe I want to cuddle


To:my boo <3 
I miss you to baby 5 more minutes you can wait I know you can.

From: char

To: my babe <3 
Either you come now or I'm coming to you.


To: my boo <3
Ughh you impatient little boy ill be right over.


I didn't get an reply back so I guess that was becuz justin was excited that I was coming. I walked out to the hallway to see if anyone was out there I tiptoed to Justin's room and took the spare key and walked in.
Justin was laying on the bed his eyes glued to the door.

Justin: finally.

Me: move over kid.

Justin moved to the opposite side of the bed and I laid down on the bed and put the covers on top of us. I moved closer to justin and he put his arm around me and I buried my head into his chest. An he put both arms around me.

Me: justin?

Justin: Yess sweetheart.

Me: promise me you'll never ever leave me my side and always be there for me.

My eyes started forming tears and justin took his hand and place it on my chin and lifted it up.

Justin: babe I promise you. I also promise when your 18 I'm asking you to marry me and that's final. Because I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you and only you. I won't ever leave you no matters what. Even if we fight when were older divorce will not be an option we can sit our asses down and work it out together. It's all ways going to be us and only is. We will have our own little Bieber family. I promise you beautiul. I love you okay 

Justin kissed my forehead and put his both arms around me again.

Me: I just wanted to make sure justin. I'm happy to have you in my life. I want to spend the rest of it with you and only you. I love you too 

Justin: together forever

Me: forever together.

Justin: go to sleep now babe. We need to be up and early tommorow off to washington.
Me: good night.

Justin: good night.

And we drifted to sleep.

HEYY guys I hope you liked this chapter cuz I did and I know it's short but sorry. I just wanted to let you know that I'm not going to have a chapter on every concert other wise it's going to get boring so after the next chapter it's going to be 3 months later and ill add a description of where they are and how many concerts left!!!!!! Please let me know If that okay with you all by commenting below. Tell me how the story's is. 
And please comment favourite and like to have your name put into my book and become a good friend of char or become a girlfriend of Ryan or Chaz <3 I love you my boo's

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