Friends & Love

May, Sam , Ri , Rona are best friends from kindergarten they grew up together , well they are all the same age "18" , they're like sisters , but what happens when they meet their dream ? , will the boys fall ? , will they be like any other fan ? , will their friendship get broken ? will they stay? read to find out .xx May styles <3


10. the first day

louis's p.o.v


"well done boys " said paul "thanks"we all said "so lets get ready we're meeting some fans back stage guys " i said "yeah come on " said zayn "no wait " said paul "what " said liam "don't forget  the winners the 4 girls " said paul "of course we won't but i wish they aren't some crazy fans that will just keep screaming and shouting " said niall "be nice to them" said paul will laughing "ok " i said we went to our room and started fixing ourselves "what would happen if they just kept on screaming " i asked "mate don't worry we'll be nice to them and make them comfortable " said harry with a smile "okay lets see these girls wish they're good " i said we all went to the meeting place where we're meeting our fans than the girls "I LOVE YOU HARRY!!" shouted a fan while attacking harry in a bone crashing hug he was annoyed than the security took her away we kept on laughing while harry was glaring at us we than stopped laughing after a while of signing some autographs we were done and was the time to meet the winners.


may's pov

wow, really this is the best concert ever can it get more perfect hell yeah it can it's the first time i see the boys live face to face god i love sam she's the reason we're here and nialler wow he was amazing i love that boy he's my favorite i wish we'll be good friends in this week and who knows maybe they will let us stay more oh no shut up may you're an idiot they're one direction of course you're only an obsessed crazy fan for them but i love them specially niall this boy kills me with his sexiness , after the concert we went back stage to meet them well they don't know the winners till now paul told us we will meet them at the end i was really excited "oh no sam you're kidding of course " said ri "why?" said sam "we will stay with these sexy beasts for a week oh know i'll be so dead " said rona "you're welcome"said sam acting mean "shut up meanie let me wait till i meet my boyfriend " i said with a smirk "haha in your dreams there is more pretty girls  than you " said ri "yeah he maybe won't like you " said rona these girls are so mean now "you know you've acted in mean girls cause you are so mean shut up and let us wait " i said and we all sat quietly in a room that paul told us to wait in it my thoughts were interrupted by a cute laugh oh no this laugh kills me !


niall's p.o.v


the concert was done and we were signing some autographs than paul  came to us "guys it's time to meet the girls " he said we were nervous what if they're some crazy fans oh no i wish  not we all followed paul to a room and he knocked on the door and said to the girls inside "ready?" "yeah" they all said , well their voices are cute maybe they aren't that ad let us see we all walked in to see 4 beautiful young ladies they all looked amazing they have all highlights except for a girl whose her hair is naturally brown  "hey girls "said liam "hey " they all said "so lets" know about you "said louis

"okay am sam dow " said the one with the naturally brown hair than the one with purple highlights said "and am ri caldwell " she said withe a smile "am rona levy " said the one with blue highlights who was staring at liam "and am may stewart " said the one with the red highlights yeah she's damn cute <3 .


harry's p.o.v 


"so sam,ri,rona and may you're the 4 lucky winners " i said "yeah " said sam  "ok so guys you seem nice we thought you were some crazy fans who will just freak out " said liam almost laughing we all started laughing than "so aren't we leaving " said rona "yeah lets go " said liam we all hoped in the car and drove to our flat we arrived there in 15 mins later we walked off of the car and went to open the door .


ri's p.o.v


wow this flat is really huge really really  huge i didn't thought it would be like that we all walked in and it was amazing "so guys let you have a tour around the house so you could know it well " said zayn "okay" we said "ok so zayn take ri harry take sam liam take rona niall take may and i'll take the bags and but them in their rooms" said louis "okay" we all said at the same time 

~~~~an hour later ~~~


after we had the tour around the house and unpacked the bags we all sat on the couch "am bored as hell " said sam "lets do something " said harry "like what " said may "i know " said louis "what "

said rona "truth or dare "' said louis shouting we all laughed and sat in a circle waiting for louis to get the bottle from the kitchen.











sorry if it's short but please tell me if it's good or not thanks and the trailer is done see it it's available  .


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