Friends & Love

May, Sam , Ri , Rona are best friends from kindergarten they grew up together , well they are all the same age "18" , they're like sisters , but what happens when they meet their dream ? , will the boys fall ? , will they be like any other fan ? , will their friendship get broken ? will they stay? read to find out .xx May styles <3


9. the concert

sam's p.o.v 


the next day i felt really bored and doing nothing it's 2 days till my dream day i was bored and the girls where sleeping ugh lazy asses i decided i should go on a walk and Starbucks i got off the couch

then went to my room picked out a pink in black short dress and a pair of black vans yeah am the kind of girl who wears vans on a dress don't ask me why it's a fact about me i like it yeah it annoys some people like may and that's why  i like doing it yeah am an annoying girl , i put my hair into a messy bun and took am phone and purse and went down , i left a note for them than opened the door and slammed it after me , wow that air breeze today the weather is amazing i like it i went to the park i usually go to on these nice days and sat on the swing and started remembering my past wow it was amazing than i remembered my dad i miss him so badly , i felt a tear escaped my eyes and more and more tears than i saw a cute guy coming near me i couldn't see him well cause of my blurry vision and that's why i hate crying.


harry's p.o.v 


i woke up today and there was nothing to do i felt like having a walk alone since the boys are sleeping yea am the kind of guy who wakes up early not this lazy people i went to the bathroom and took a shower after i was done i walked to my closet got a a black tight pants and a black shirt and a white shoe  i dressed in my outfit than left the house i started walking wow the weather is amazing i decided i should go to the park i walked and when i reached the park i found a beautiful girl sitting on the swing but than i noticed she's crying, i don't know why a beautiful  girl like her should cry she's really beautiful , i decided i should go check her maybe i can help her i walked near her and than sat on the swing beside her she looked up at me i dried her tears and said "why are you crying love ?" "just some memories "she said looking at the ground "may i ask you what's the some memories ?" i said "well my dad died 4 years ago in a car accident  and i used to come with him to this place everyday " she said "oh no am so sorry love" i said very sad of what i heard now "no problem " she said with a warm smile it's cute " so what's your name ?" i asked "sam you?" she said i take off my sunglasses and said "harry " her mouth made an o shape and she kept staring at me god i wish she's not that crazy fan "something wrong love " i asked " no nothing just can't believe my eyes are you real?" she asked while touching my cheeks "yea i am " i said laughing than her phone rang "excuse me i have to get this " she said than she answered after she hang up "umm.....sorry harry but i have to go "she said "oh yea no problem " i said than she walked away .


may's p.o.v


i woke up to find that we're still sleeping on the couch but someone was missing i looked than i realized that sam was missing i than walked to the kitchen and found a note it's from sam she said  she was going on a walk , than i went to the refrigerator and searched for oreos i cant find i decided i should call sam  to get some i dallied sam's number and then she answered "sup sam"' i said "at the park what do you want ?" she said "aw you're being so nice there's someone with you ?" i said " am alone " i can feel that she's lying "lieses"i say  "no " she said "anyway get me oreos " "kaykay "then we hang up this girl is the worst liar i've ever seen i than went on twitter to check it than i found a tweet from niall horan oh  god it said "2 days till the big day wish you're there @may_styles69 " awww how this boy is cute i than tweeted him back "sure am comin"than we kept on tweeting it felt like we know each others but well no.


ri's p.o.v


i woke up on water all over my body than i looked to see who is it to find the girl laughing their asses off "what the fuck did you just do?" i shouted by running after them "oww " we heard someone than we found rona on the ground in pain she looked evil at us than she said while running "got you bitches " we ran after her but luckily she locked the door than we all kept on laughing  than i said "i'll take a shower " "kay and i'll make beakfast " said sam than rona got out of her room and said "and i'll watch toy story" "girl i ship you to liam you're more like him not zayn at all "said may while holding her phone and very concentrated ugh this girl never left her phone since niall followed her i have a feeling they're friends now ugh lets see 2 days left i wish it's tomorrow .


rona's p.o.v


these two days went so fast we're now heading to the car we put our suitcases in the trunk and then went in we arrived at the concert after 15 mins we went running to it and sat in our v.i.p seats we than waited for half an hour till the boys came on stage but it felt like 6 hours they started singing what makes you beautiful i kept on staring at liam maybe may is right i like liam more than zayn i think he noticed because he also looked at me then he looked away than after 4 hours the t was done and it was time to meet the boys .









a/n :

i know it sucks and very short but am hurrying up cause i have to go i promise the next will be longer love you my unicorns . stay beautiful.


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