Friends & Love

May, Sam , Ri , Rona are best friends from kindergarten they grew up together , well they are all the same age "18" , they're like sisters , but what happens when they meet their dream ? , will the boys fall ? , will they be like any other fan ? , will their friendship get broken ? will they stay? read to find out .xx May styles <3


23. the bitchy ex is back

may's p.o.v 


it's has been a month since me and the girls moved in with the boys we're going on tour in like 5 days i was sittin on my bed listening to music and thinking about every single day that happened this past month meeting my dream , falling in love , finding out my friend's brother , moving in with my boyfriend and friends seriously it's the dream of every girl a i smiled at the thought of niall seriously this boy is amazing my were cut  off by a knock on my door i took off my head phones "come in " i said it was rona "hey mayberry daydreaming gurl " she shouted "hey silly rona riding the payne train what ya want "i asked "u silly like ur so innocent " she said in a silly voice " what ya want quickly i need to go back to music " i said " anyway the boys will be out tonight the girls are planing about a girls night " she said "okay am in " i said and she than went out and i put on my head phones again and turned on the music "AND LET ME KISS U " i shouted than went on dancing and singin than when the song was done i threw myself on the bed than opened my eyes to see niall "niall u saw me acting like an idiot " i said giggling " no you're not idiot ur amazing " i blushed and than looked into his eyes than i found a pair of soft lips crashed on mine i kissed back and smiled during the kiss  than we pulled away i was really happy we lied in bed for a while than i wrapped my arms around him and whispered "i love you " than i fell asleep with my amazing boyfriend . 


harry's p.o.v


the best time of my life is with sam ! i seriously love this girl i was goin to the kitchen down to get a banana than while i was passing by i heard niall talking on the phone with someone almost whispering i wanted to know so in went near to hear what he was sayin "no tia please we are done u know that u have ur life with boys everyday i dont want you i have a girlfriend that  i love " he than stops and sighs " ugh okay than when to meet you at the park .... okay on 10 than " he said than hang up i can't believe what he just did he's meeting that bitch again (sorry tia its only harry and the book xDD) i freezed in my place can't believe that niall is doing that than he opened the door sad and pissed he looked at me with wide eyes "why niall why u can't hurt may " i said in a sad voice "harry i don't wanna see her even but she's just threatening me she will hurt may in a bad way and i just cant i..i...hate her ! " he said almost crying " than why are u meeting her just leave her " i said " i cant i will just meet her and know what she wants than leave her please harry dont say " he begged "i cant promise u niall " i said and than left i went into my room to find sam almost awake she saw the sadness in my eyes "what happened haz " she asked worried .


sam's p.o.v


i woke up in harry's room weird right ? but hey i don't care he's my boyfriend i sat on the bed and than harry came he looked sad and kinda worried what happened "what happened haz ?" i asked worried "oh ooh nothing " he said but i know there's something "harry edwards split it " i said "niall is meeting he's ex girlfriend and shes not good " he said " than if he hates her why is he meeting her " "she's threatening him if he didn't come she's hurting may in a bad way " what the fuck please she can't touch my friend " that bitch can't touch my friend i swear if she did anything i am killing her " i said " sam babe all u have to do is take care of may and dont let her see what's going to happen " what? "what harry what's goin to happen " "well like every time she  breaks his relation ships and kiss him or say a rumor about him " he said sadly "that bitch dont worry haz me and the girls are taking care she cant get to her " i said and he smiled than i gave him a peck on the lips while he went to his closet to get ready cuz he and the boys are goin out today while me and the girls are having a girls night hope every thing goes good i wish.


ri's p.o.v 


i was dancing in my room after i finished my drawing it was a drawing of zayn xD yes am great at drawing i was dancing and having fun than someone knocked on the door i didnt bother turning off the music i completed dancing while shouting come in than el came in " hey elliebellie " i greeted her with mine and the girls nickname for her "hey the same idiotic rio " she said laughing and than joined me "yea and the same stupid joining el " i said "dude ur not cool " she shouted i giggled than sam came shouting "ellie naughty gurl dont use my words" "thats one of the reason that makes me believe you're lou's sister " said el "dude lou is cool " said sam "stop what ya want in my room " i said while turning off the music "well i came bec. sam told me to " "than sam why r u here " i said " i came here cuz i have to tell ya something but we need rona " she said "what about may " asked el "wel she can't hear what am going to say " said sam "why" i asked "you'll know just let me get rona " she said and than went out me and el looked at each others and shrugged .



rona's p.o.v 

i was in the kitchen makin some coffee when sam came in and dragged me makin the coffee go all over my clothes "what the hell sam " i shouted "you'll know just be quiet and follow me to ri's room " she said i just shut up and followed her when we were all there except for may that i dont know where "where's may " i asked " she can't hear what we are going to say " said sam we all nodded "well harry told me that nialls ex is threatening him if he didn't meet her she'll hurt may bad " started sam "bitch please she can do nothing " shouted ri "well he'll meet her to end everything with her cuz she's messing with his life and the people he love and harry told me that we have to take care not to let may know anything and take care that that so called tia the ex wants to break them " said sam "what the fuck does she think she's doing " said el "well all we can do is to take care " said sam and we all nodded we went down and found that the boys already left and may was on her laptop i think on facebook when she saw us she closed it and said "so what to do"

"lets watch mean girls " said rio "i agree " we all said at the same time and than sam put the movie and we all started watchin i wish everything will be okay . 






a/n : am updating again just in a while :)


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