Friends & Love

May, Sam , Ri , Rona are best friends from kindergarten they grew up together , well they are all the same age "18" , they're like sisters , but what happens when they meet their dream ? , will the boys fall ? , will they be like any other fan ? , will their friendship get broken ? will they stay? read to find out .xx May styles <3


6. telling the girls

Ri's p.o.v

yayyyy i love sam she found a great idea to do today it was a boring day and the

exam was somehow complicated ugh i hate school and exams i hope i won't fail

exams are always complicated but this one was super duper complicated ugh.

we were singing in the car and once we arrived may turned of the radio and we 

all left the car sam opened the door and we sam sam's mother i missed mrs.jess 

very much it has been ages since i saw her she's always busy with fashion yeahh 

she's a model i love that women and her taste in fashion , "hey sweet girls come in " 

she said we got in and were welcomed by milo sam's cat i got her on her 16's birthday 

i have it's brother he's called kev aww they are cute .

after we went to sam's room every one went to change in some comfortable pjs 

then we sat there chatting about random things and rona was playing with milo 

than sam excused to go do something but it took her too long i went to see her but i 

found her holding her dad's pic. and crying ughhh i went to her and she wiped her 

tears "sam he's of course sad because u are do u think he'll be happy when he see u like that"

i said then she hugged me tight and said " riola you are so right i love you my best friend am glad

to have u " i smiled and we went back to the room to find rona fighting with may over milo 

and we all start laughing our asses off than milo start running out of the room 

than may yelled  "I WANT NANDOS NOW " we all start laughing and say "niall is waiting there " she blushes and looks down ugh this girl.


sam's p.o.v

i don't know when to tell them ok now "so guys there's some amaZAYN news but don't kill me "

"samy i hate your news " may said "ok ok but don't change your words after you hear this news "

" so what is it ?" they all asked "ok ok do you guys remember the competition that was on the radio two weeks ago" i said "yeah " they all say "so guys i won it and.."looks at them all they all open their mouths and stare at me "andgot4ticketstogototheonedirectionconcertthenextweek

andstaywiththemforaweek" i say it all at once "are u kidding?" may said "no am not here's the tickets" i said "GOD WE LOVE YA SAM FOREVER "they all shout "so guys we have to go shopping cuz we're staying with one direction for 1 week " i said "yayyy let's go but nandos first bitches"may said "language babe " rona said "kaykay so let's get some nandos and then head to the mall"ri said "ok i tell mom so she won't be worried " i said i went down and found mom watching t.v "mom " i said "yes sweetie" she said " we're going shopping cuz we're leaving this friday"i said "ok babe take care " she said "ok mom love ya " i said "love ya to baby girl " she said 

i hate it when she calls me baby girl she's acting as if am 6 years old girl ugh what ever let's go shopping .  


i went to my room to find them all dressed and waiting "ready girls " i asked "yeah lets go " they said .

rona's p.o.v 

we headed to may's car ugh u know she's a good driver :P and crazy but great 

when we got in me and sam sat in the back and ri in the passenger seat then may turned on the radio to live while we're young we all started singing and then came taylor swift i knew you 

were trouble i adore this song i started singing and acting as if am taylor then when the song finished we arrived at nandos we went in and got some lunch and after we finished we headed to the mall "lets go to forever 21 first " said may "yeah it's amazayn " said ri "and i have vip cards " said sam "lets go " i said we went in i bought a red hot short and a black mustache t-shirt , sam bought a black mini dress with white spots and a pair of white heels , may bought a stomach blue shirt with fuck you wrote with red on it , red pants and blue vans and ri bought a galaxy pants with a galaxy shirt and a galaxy vans she's a galaxy weirdo .

may's p.o.v 

we than headed to terrnova i adore this store "ri ri flower pants is here see it " i said mostly shouting "wow i want it " she said almost shouting "low your voice we will get kicked "said sam and rona almost whispering "so guys i'll buy some clothes me and ri and meet at the food court"i said "kaykay "rona and sam said at same time we went and bought many clothes .

"let's go ri ri " i said "kay c'mon" we went and met them 

"let's head home now it's almost 10:30 "sam said "kay kay let's go " ri said we headed back to the car and drive .

~~~~skip the car drive~~~~~~

sam opened the door and we all went to her room i yawned "guys am so tired i'll sleep now" i said "the same" they said at the same time "night gurls " i said "night may they said and we all went deep asleep. 






hope you like it made it somehow long this time cause sam told me it was short the last time 

and guys the trailer will be updated soon wait for more :D 

                                                                                              May Styles.xx

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