Friends & Love

May, Sam , Ri , Rona are best friends from kindergarten they grew up together , well they are all the same age "18" , they're like sisters , but what happens when they meet their dream ? , will the boys fall ? , will they be like any other fan ? , will their friendship get broken ? will they stay? read to find out .xx May styles <3


18. old friend

:previously on friend and love

ri's p.o.v 


i was confused was rona and liam dating ? than i decided to have a secret talk with the girls "girly girls to my room now " i said acting like a mom "yes mom " said may and than we all ran to my room "rona fuckin tell me are u dating " we all said at the same time "hell yeah "she said "seems that rona doesnt keep her promises " said sam sticking out her tongue "shuty sameeh " said rona "noh dude sameeh is kaikai not yours " i said "whateva" said may "no i stole it from kaikai " said rona "why are we acting like we're 10 again " said sam "i don't know but am enjoying it silly girls " i said we all stick our tongues out and than we found someone flashing a camera at us we looked at who and it was boo bear who else could do this only him but when did he come back "twitter silly" he said running "he's back " we shouted " boo bear we're getting you " we shouted as we chased after him but than we stopped and saw that stunning girl over there it's eleanor wow i

haven't seen her in ages but most important what is she doing with lou


  May's P.O.V:

Louis is back ,  i have only known him for like three days  but i have to admit i really missed him ,is the funny one and always makes us laugh and have the best time of our lives , but he wasn't alone he had  a girl with him , oh my god is this El , but that is insane , we haven't seen her in like two months since she went to pairs for modeling business , but what really caught my attention is that she was with Louis , how on earth would Louis and Eleanor be together.

"Hey Lou" i said greeting him with a hug

"Hi babe" he said smiling

"Hey Lou who is the pretty girl"  Harry said pointing at El

"Oh...that is-" he couldn't complete his sentence cause Rona cut him off saying "Eleanor"

"You guys know her ?" Louis  asked surprised

"Yeah , we met her a lot with Jessy" Ri replied

"Well that is where i met her too" Louis said with a huge smile on his face putting arm around El

"Hi girls!!" El said giving us a group hug

"Elly , you kinda smell nice , not usual " Rona said laughing

"Should i be offended" El said looking at Sam

"It depends on how you take it" Sam said

" Elly is in to modeling business and stuff like that , she kind also designs outfits and stuff , so she is going to stay with us to help Lou (a/n Lou is their stylist) because she is going to be busy in the next few weeks"

"Well that is great" Liam said

"Welcome to the  1D family" Zayn said

"Hey girly"Niall said we couldn't help but laugh out loud at Niall's face , oh baby

"Hi love nice to meet you " Harry said with cheeky smile

"Thank you guys , i must admit i am really exited


Louis P.O.V :

" El babe come with me i will take you to your  room is said carrying her suitcases.

"Okay" she said following me upstairs. That  girl is amazing she is all i think about for the past few days since i met her with my mum ,she is beautiful funny talented she is perfect , i want to ask her out but i think i will be taking it really  fast ,we entered the room i put the suitcases on the floor and sat on the bed , El came and sat beside me , putting her hand beside mine ,i didn't know what i was doing i just automatically started moving my hand closer and closer to words hers , it was weird that she didn't pull away her hand , that made me more confident  to take a bigger  step , our hands were really close right now so i just held her hand , by the time did that i felt my stomach go crazy "butterflies" it wasn't annoying i actually enjoyed it , i like that feeling , i looked at her to find her smiling at me , i felt a wide smile growing on my face at the fact that she actually liked me holding her hand , squeezed my hand a little bit . It was  time  for me to ask her.

"Eleanor Calder would you like to go out with me ?" i asked still holding her hand , she didn't replay but she placed her lips on mine , again i feel the butterflies ....


Niall's P.o.V :

We decided to watch a movie RI insisted on Mean Girls. We sat in the living room , May was  cuddling up beside me , Ri and zayn were sitting on the floor beside  each other , Rona was on Liam' s lap , Sam and Harry were making dinner. I looked at Rona and Liam to find them leaning close for a kiss , aren't they cute ..


Sam P.o.v :

I went to the living room were every one is sitting followed by Harry , the first thing that caught my attention was Riam leaning for a kiss is decided to ruin the moment.

I walked slowly behind Rona and screamed "DON'T HAVE SEX YOU WILL GET PREGNANT AND DIE!!!" everyone started laughing except for Rona who decided to slap me .

"Yew mean" i said

"And you are weird Kid GET OVER IT !!"she shouted at me

"Hey!!"  i protested

"F*** YOU , you moment ruin er "she screamed

"Rona babe language"liam said

"Shut up"she said putting her head on his shoulder









a/n : Sorry if it is a short chapter , just helpin' May !! anyway tell me what do u think !!



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