Friends & Love

May, Sam , Ri , Rona are best friends from kindergarten they grew up together , well they are all the same age "18" , they're like sisters , but what happens when they meet their dream ? , will the boys fall ? , will they be like any other fan ? , will their friendship get broken ? will they stay? read to find out .xx May styles <3


16. love

rona p.o.v




i woke up to find myself on the floor my head on liam's chest i must have slept yesterday while watching the movie i stood up and went to my room i went into my bathroom and took a shower i walked out and went into my closet i got out a red skinny pants and a black shirt and a pair of white vans i than went into my facebook and chatted with some random people than i remembered the acc. of that bad boy and added him his name was also bad boy maybe he doesn't want anyone to know him than we started chatting (r)rona/(bb)bad boy


r :hey


bb:hey gurl ;)




bb:really nothing bored


r:the same


bb:can u keep a secret


r: can u keep a secret


bb: weird o.O


r:yea u say first


bb : okay so there's a girl i met few days ago but i really like her and want to ask her out but i dont know how wby?


r : ok so there's a boy i really like but he doesnt know :/


bb : what about we meet today and talk


r:great where ?


bb : starbucks?


r: ok at 7


bb:okay bye ttyl




i closed my lap and sat there wondering what to wear and what will he look like than my thoughts were interrupted by my door a knock on the door " come in " i said than here came ri "did u went on twitter " she asked "no " i said "great " she said giggling "why " i said "better not to know or see it yourself " i went onto twitter and than i found a pic. of me and liam sleeping written on it "aren't they cute.xx" by ria <3 i was about to get her than she ran laughing and screaming "RIA CALDWELL YOU'RE SO DEAD " i shouted chasing her.




ri's p.o.v




"RIA CALDWELL YOU'RE SO DEAD " shouted rona i kept on running than i was stopped by hitting a warm body i looked who it was and it was zayn "sorry" i said "don't be " he said smiling while hiding me into he's room "thanks" i said "welcome love , why were u running " i started laughing uncontrollable "what is it " he said "go into twitter and check " he than started laughing with me than we were quite for a while than i decided to ask him about the kiss "zayn" i said "mhm" he said "was that kiss a mistaken one ?" i asked he was quite than he came closer and whispered into my ear "no i meant it " i than looked into his eyes and we were 1 inch away we leaned in and started kissing but it was cut off by rona we pulled "sorry got in the wrong time , but am getting u riola " she said while closing the door behind her  than zayn started laughing "what is it " i said "riola ?  seriously " he said i stick my tongue out "so ri uhm ... i want to ask u something " he said "mhm" i said "may u be my princess "he said i looked at him my eyes wide open than went and hugged him "yea zaynie i am yours " i said "i love you ria " he said "i love you to zayn " we than walked out of the room hand in hand and went down 

 may was sitting beside niall sam on harrys lap and rona in the kitchen liam was watching tv "so guys?" asked sam looking at our hands "yea sameeh me and zayn are official " i said smiling at zayn "yay rio you got what u wanted " said may winking at me niall and harry started laughing .


liam's p.o.v


i want to meet this mysterious girl really so quickly i need to know her at the same time i need to ask rona goddd i hate it am so shy i hate it . 








a really short sucking update but sry i didn't sleep from yesterday i will go sleep now and will update after i wake u stay beautiful.xx


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