Friends & Love

May, Sam , Ri , Rona are best friends from kindergarten they grew up together , well they are all the same age "18" , they're like sisters , but what happens when they meet their dream ? , will the boys fall ? , will they be like any other fan ? , will their friendship get broken ? will they stay? read to find out .xx May styles <3


20. leaving

niall's p.o.v 


"don't have sex you'll get pregnant and die " yelled sam at rona i just kept on laughing 

"Yew mean" said sam

"And you are weird Kid GET OVER IT !!"shouted rona

"Hey!!"  sam protested

"F*** YOU , you moment ruin er "rona screamed

"Rona babe language"liam said

"Shut up"rona said putting her head on his shoulder

"aye sam like you don't do things with haz " said rio 

sam 's face went all red like a tomato "aww little sam is blushing " said may in a baby voice "oh and little may is silly " said sam sticking her tongue "hey silly sam my may isn't silly you are " i said than found lips crashing on mine  i know those soft lips i kissed back "love birds it's enough you need a room " said zayn "well we will go to my room than " said may "oh don't do stupid things " said harry winking "you dirty people " said may "hey that's mine "said liam  than may pulled me and we went up while we were going to her room we caught elounor kissing "aww aren't they cute "i said  "yea but let me take revenge " said may pulling her phone and taking a pic she posted it on twitter than , "come on lets go "i said and than we went to her room and shut the door "niall i need to tell you something " she said "what " i said "well the girls maybe forgot but we are leaving in 3 days cause the week will be over and we won't be with each others all the time like now " she said a tear running down her cheeks "no don't cry don't worry we will find a way " i said "how " she asked "well what about you guys come and live with us " i asked "wow nialler that's a great idea "she said smiling god this smile killes me "well how will we tell the others " i said "well we won't tell em we will just go like nothing is happening than before we leave i will tell them "she said "well great i will arrange everything with management and tell him not even to tell the boys " i said smiling than gave me a last kiss before going down .


eleanor 's p.o.v


seriously for the past few days were amazing i now have the really amazing boyfriend and my best friends are back i was scrolling down my twitter when i found a post of a pic of me and lou kissing written on it revenge is sweet  by may <3 i just kept on laughing if only lou saw it  lou just stared at me and said "why are you laughing " "you should go check twitter " i said he just grabbed my phone "hey lou i mean yours " i said crossing my arms "i dont care am lazy to open mine " he said than he saw the pic "damn it this girl knows how to get me " he said than we kept on laughing and than we went down but we saw instead of happy faces sad ones what is it .


rona's p.o.v


i can't believe we almost forget about leaving really sad :( "what's it guys you're so sad " said lou "the girls are leaving in 3 days "said harry "oh that's sad" said el  "guys lets forget that you're leaving and have the best time of our lives " said zayn "yeah come on " said ri "lets go to the movies first shouted may ugh this girl crazy about movies "okay let's get  ready " said sam than we all went to our rooms i got dressed in a short shorts and a black shirt with "LOVE" written on it and i put on some make up and got into my purple vans than headed down we were all ready we got out out of the house or i can call it mansion xD than liam locked the door and we went into the car and drive to movies......












kinda short maybe but not that bad for not getting my 50 like i really want em ?:( anyway i really hope u like the chapter 




this amazing book love u.


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