Friends & Love

May, Sam , Ri , Rona are best friends from kindergarten they grew up together , well they are all the same age "18" , they're like sisters , but what happens when they meet their dream ? , will the boys fall ? , will they be like any other fan ? , will their friendship get broken ? will they stay? read to find out .xx May styles <3


14. having fun ;)

rona's p.o.v 

ugh i felt bored cuz i was standing alone while liam taking some pics with fans than he came i smiled and he smiled back than said "sorry you know fans stalking everywhere " "dont be sorry i know "i said "lets go on the roller coaster " he said "but am afraid of them "dont worry hold my hands " he said "okay"i said we went in the line and waited for our turn than it came "are you sure we have to ?" i said "rona come on am here "he said we took our seats than it started i held his hand and closed my eyes "open your eyes " he said i opened them and enjoyed the ride seriously it was amazing we went off the game when it ended and than headed to where we should meet the others .


louis's p.o.v

i can't believe   till now that sam is my sister and jessie is my mom i have to talk to her i am on my way to the airport it's really busy , ugh i than got onto the airplane for my luck i had to sit beside a stranger it was the only place left beside a girl i didn't care who it was i was just focusing on what am going to say than my thoughts were interrupted by a smooth little voice saying "hey " i looked and there was the most amazing girl infront of me"hey " i said smiling "eleanor calder"said the girl "louis tomlinson"we shake hands than she asked "so you're louis tomlinson from one direction " she said "yea i am "

"soo why are you going alone to la"

"well i just found out that i have a sister and my mom wasnt real so am going to my real one " i said

"oh , and what's her name i may help you "

"yea really you can help me cause she's also a model like you "

"what's her name "

"jessie "

"what you're kidding she's my boss you can come with me meet her "

"really that's great " i said than we chatted about random stuff .


may's p.o.v


we had really so much fun here it was the last ride we got off and than i said " it's amazing really amazing i love it " "you love it only ?" niall said giving me that puppy face while we stopped walking "no i love something else more " i said "who "  he asked "you " i said than we leaned closer and started kissing we than pulled away remembering that we should meet the others now we ran to the car and found the others there waiting "still early maybarray"said sam "sameeh you don't talk babe remember letting me wait for you 2 hours at the mall " i said sticking my tongue at her "ugh you won " she said "yay i did " i said than we started laughing than we drove back home .


ri's p.o.v


we arrived home  i went up to my room than sent the girl texts saying 

"secret meeting at my room .xxrio"

after 5 mins there was 3 knocks on the door than they came in we sat on the bed than i started 

"so girls anything interesting " i said giving them a wink 

"well me and harry are officially dating " said sam with a wide smile 

"me to" screamed may

"well me and liam bffs " said rona smiling

"the same "    i said 

"so girls any kisses " said sam 

we all started laughing than may said 

"yea many " said winking 

"no" said rona 

"3 " said sam 

than we were quite than rona said "what about riola ?" 

i didn't want to say about it anything but i have to 

"well it was a mistaken kiss" i said 

"huh? mistaken babe you don't know zayn he meant it "said may 

i than started blushing than our talk was interpreted by a knock on the door "come in" i said 

than liam came in "girls come on lets watch a movie it's really boring "he said " yeah we will watch but no toy story he gave us that puppy face than we shouted "no" fine he said faking cry we all started laughing at him "liam you should work as an actor better " said sam and we than put the notebook in the tv may was sitting with niall sam with harry i and rona on the ground than liam and zayn on the couch at the end of the movie i was the only one awake so i went on twitter of course we're getting hate bec. they're jealous but we don't give a fuck i than logged out and went to sleep.











sosososososo short am updating again but i need to sleep i didn't sleep from yesterday bye guys .stay beautiful .thankyou.


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