Friends & Love

May, Sam , Ri , Rona are best friends from kindergarten they grew up together , well they are all the same age "18" , they're like sisters , but what happens when they meet their dream ? , will the boys fall ? , will they be like any other fan ? , will their friendship get broken ? will they stay? read to find out .xx May styles <3


29. finding out , heart broken !

zayn's p.o.v

thinking about who you really love is the worst thing ever but can liam tell ri can she know i guess no i have to meet perrie so she could help me w arranged we're gonna meet tonight at the spanish cafe but wishing to not let ri know and u have a feeling she's gonna know is the worst , but i gotta wait and see what's gonna happen .


rona's p.o.v

i was on facebook scrolling down it was really boring i was about to close when i got a message  from ri :want you in my room now ! 

i got worried but i just logged off and went out of the room, than opened ri's door to find a worried crying ri "rio what happened " "i don't know i feel lonely and i got texts from an unknown that really annoys me " she said giving me the phone than i remembered what liam told about the zayn and perrie thing i didn't want to tell her but she have to go "are u going ?" i asked " i don't know " she said "you have to go am sure it's just someone messing around zayn loves you " i said smiling but knowing the opposite is the worst thing ever well let's just hope she won't find anything.


louis's p.o.v

i can't believe what el just told me what zayn loves perrie what about ri than really he can't break her easily if he did anything bad he gotta suffer she would hate him forever ? maybe but she loves him really loves him but hope everything is fine with them.


perrie's p.o.v

zayn just feels the same about me i get really jealous of that ri i really love him maybe i did something wrong but everybody make mistakes and i really do love him but it's just the ri girl that gets in the way but hope to have him back soon i was in my car driving i was  2 mins. away fron the cafe when i arrived i parked my car in the parking lot than went inside to find the amazing beautiful zayn sitting alone stunning as he saw me his face lit up more i know he does miss me as i do "pez!"shouted zayn as he impressed me in a bear hug "zaynie missed ya really bad " i said than we pulled away and sat so we can talk am sure am getting him back tonight .


ri's p.o.v


 i didn't really want to go i really trust zayn but something tells me he can do anything as i was getting ready i found the necklace zayn gave me i hid it away i didn't want to see it , it makes me feel sad that he maybe with another girl than me i was ready when i was going sam came from no where "need a ride " she asked "yes so i won't be alone " i said "okay wait than "

~~~~~~~~~~~~~after 20 mins were there ~~~~~~~~~

as i went i saw the worst thing i just ran but "wait" he said WHAT DOES HE EVEN WANT CHEAT ON ME AND KISS HER MORE OH ..........











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