Friends & Love

May, Sam , Ri , Rona are best friends from kindergarten they grew up together , well they are all the same age "18" , they're like sisters , but what happens when they meet their dream ? , will the boys fall ? , will they be like any other fan ? , will their friendship get broken ? will they stay? read to find out .xx May styles <3


13. brother and sister

sam's p.o.v


"i am the same type " i said "okay mrs.?" said the doctor "sam ,sam dow " i said "okay mrs. dow we have to take you for some tests " said the doctor "okay come on" i said following him we went into a white room with many machines than a nurse came in she took an amount of m blood than tasted it i went out with the others than after a while came the doctor and said ""mrs.dow you're the same type but after we take the blood to mr.tomlinson we have to make to u and him a dna test " said the doctor i was confused dna test why "why dna test?" i asked " cause you seem to be related " he said than left the room "why dna ?" asked harry " i don't know " i said "DNA WHO SAID DNA GO BUY THE NEW LITTLE MIX'S ALBUM " screamed zayn me and the girls looked at him while the other boys were laughing "what's wrong " asked may "nothing don't worry it's only something about zayn's ex" niall said "yeah perrie edwards i heard about her" said ri "yea i also heard that niall fancies her " said rona may looked at niall "really niall " she said "no may it was only a rumor i don't like her even she's a slut who cheated on zayn " said niall (a/n i don't hate perrie guys it's just a fanfic am a mixtioner and i love her )  "kay never mind " said may than the nurse came and said "mrs. dow come on lets take the blood they took me to louis's room and but a needle in my hand and started taking the blood after it was finished they took me to do the dna test .


louis's p.o.v


i was running in a black way and the more i run the more i see the light i than stopped running but after a while a completed running i ran and ran till i reached the light i opened the door and went in the first thing i saw was the girls and the boys but sam wasn't there "guys where' sam" i said they  all came running to me "lou are you okay "asked harry "yeah just some pain but where's sam " i asked again "she went ..." said may but ri put her hands on her mouth and said " when she comes let her say it her self " "say what " i asked "you'll know " said rona than after a while sam came in shocked "what's wrong " i asked she was speechless "sam hey what happened " asked liam "m-me and l-l-louis are siblings " she said "what " we all said almost shouting but not sad but happy "i knew something was about you i felt it when we first met " i said while tears of joy ran down my cheeks i now have a sister she ran to me and hugged me " don't cry lou " she said than the others went out to give us alone time "how did you find out " i asked she than told me the story "so i was adopted " i asked "yea " she said "we have to talk with your mother , i mean our mother " i said "yea we have to " than a nurse came in and said "mr. tomlinson you can leave today " than she left than the boys came in "come on get ready to leave " said zayn i went to the bathroom to get ready .


>>>>>>>>skip the car ride nothing important <<<<<<<<<<<<<



rona's p.o.v


we arrived home after a 15 mins ride we went in than sat in the living room sam sat on harry's lap and may beside niall cuddling with him "so guys are you a thing now ?" me and ri asked at the same time "yea " they both said at the same time than looked at each other and started laughing "so what to do " said louis "lets go to the fair "said liam "yea roller coasters " shouted zayn "yea " we all agreed  "lets get dressed " said sam we all went to our rooms i went into mine and got dressed into a denim shorts and a pink shirt and put my yellow vans on and than headed down.


ri's p.o.v


i got dressed than headed down after the others went down we went in the car i noticed someone missing it was lou "wait guys where's lou " i asked "he went to visit mom" said sam "okay" i said than we drove to the fair after 10 mins we arrived we hoped out than niall and may ran inside than sam and harry "so am going on the roller coaster who wants to come?" asked zayn  "meee!" i said "okay lets go " we went and left rona and liam we went on "but i am scared am always scared of it " i said " don't worry hold my hand " said zayn smiling i smiled back than we went in i held zayn's hand the whole ride when it was over we went and got cotton candy but for our luck there was only one left we took it than i told zayn "we can share " than we started eating , than there was the last pice on the straw we smiled then we to but our lips on it than our lips touched we kept like that for about 2 mins than we pulled away we smiled at each others than we waled away and went on some rides .









i know really short but my mom wanted the lap top and i had to hurry i will update today again but at night .


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