Friends & Love

May, Sam , Ri , Rona are best friends from kindergarten they grew up together , well they are all the same age "18" , they're like sisters , but what happens when they meet their dream ? , will the boys fall ? , will they be like any other fan ? , will their friendship get broken ? will they stay? read to find out .xx May styles <3


27. another love

Liam's pov


"well i-i-i think i love perrie" i heard zayn say,"WHAT WHEN HOW U NO HER NO U CAN'T !" i shouted at him in shock "i don't really know what to do " he said running his hand through his hair "well zayn u have to choose ri or perrie anything else i cant help ya " i said than left the room not waiting for him to reply i was really shocked perrie isn't a great person the first time i saw her i had a feeling she's not good for him.


ri's pov

I got up off my seat after a chat with rona, i wasn't that big of a fan of batman, neither was rona. i almost bumped into liam that seemed kind of annoyed, "Sup?" i questioned. "Hmm? what, nothing" liam said not looking at me, lost in thoughts, "are ya sure ?" i said "yea yea do i look like am not ?" he said but i can feel there's something he's not telling "well if u r then it's okay than " he left without saying any word weird ? ugh forget about it i then went to my room not knowing what to do , i was quite bored, i was now wondering where zayn is. 


zayn's p.o.v

 i was now confused. liam was right, i do have a girlfriend now, and i love her. but.. i just miss perrie. and i know its not usual for me to miss my ex girlfriend, but maybe i still love her, and maybe i dont even love ri, i got so confused and i decided to go for a walk in fresh air, away from everybody to decide what im gunna do.


sam's p.o.v


"harry let me down!!!" i shouted , bumping my legs against his shoulder , not too hard so i wont hurt him. "Na uh, we gunna have a little affair " he said, winking at me. "what do ya mean" i asked, playing dumb, "you will know, right now" he said, i found myself thrown on the soft duvet of the

bed after harry closed the door right when we got in the room. ~not completing u know what next xDD ;)) Pervs ;)~


ronas p.o.v 


liam sat beside me after ria went upstairs. i was a bit concerned about how liam looked, he .looked worried, lightly annoyed "Whats wrong liam" i asked, turning to him. he took a breath then he sighed "im worried" he said "about what" i asked this time a little confused "zayn" he said "whats wrong with him? is he okay?" i questioned. "yeah, but .. he misses perrie and he thinks he might even still be in love with her" he sighed again looking down." what the fuck? how come? doesnt he have a girlfriend now, and this girlfriend happens to be my bestfriend , what if he breaks her heart into pieces , no heck no, i wont let him do that. no!!" i said almost choking on my words, "i told him to choose , its either ria or perrie.thats all i could have said to him." he said. "and anyway i dont think perrie is that great of a person, since he introduced her to us i didnt think that she was the best for him," he added not giving me a chance to say anything.


el's  p.o.v

i was really having the best time of my life louis's such a wonderful guy why didn't i know him before well am lucky than i even have him well we were at lou's house playing with lux she's really a cute little baby, lou asked us to baby sit her while she went shopping for some stuff. "say louis" louis said while holding lux "Mommy" said lux. "no no, Lou-ie" louis said trying to make the name a little more clear for her. "Mommy!" she said , her voice little higher "no baby, louis not mommy, louis!" i said with a giggle. "mummy" lux said again but in a little different pronouncing . "oh fuck; i give up" louis huffed as the door opened. "FUCK!" shouted lux as lou got in and instantly dropped the bags she was holding "WHAT, WHO TAUGHT YOU THAT!" lou screamed as louis widened his eyes and drew an 'oops' smile across his lips, "LOU-IE" lux shouted and pointed at louis. i couldnt hold back the laugh anymore and i burst out laughing, at the end lou gave in and kept on laughing too.










heyya guys :)) its rio who wrote this chap. well hope ya like it, nd sam bbe i did ur pov on purpose ;) taha DIE! :D -Ri<3 

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