Friends & Love

May, Sam , Ri , Rona are best friends from kindergarten they grew up together , well they are all the same age "18" , they're like sisters , but what happens when they meet their dream ? , will the boys fall ? , will they be like any other fan ? , will their friendship get broken ? will they stay? read to find out .xx May styles <3


11. a day <3

louis's p.o.v


i know there's something about that girl  called sam i never felt the same for any on , don't get me wrong not in love way i know there's something just lets forget now about it , we sat in a circle ,me,sam,harry,zayn,ri,may,niall&rona after a while liam came with the bottle and sat between niall and rona i began the game i spine the bottle and it landed on ri "so ri truth or dare " i asked "dare " she said i looked at her evilly than said "i dare you to change clothes with harry she and harry  looked at each others than went up after a while harry care wearing a hot short and a galaxy top and ri was wearing a tight pants with a black t-shirt we all laughed at their looks xD ,they sat once again than ri spin it and landed on liam "truth or dare " she asked "dare " said liam she looked at rona evilly than said "i dare you to kiss rona for 1 min "she said with a smirk than rona gave her a glare and blushed .


liam's p.o.v

"truth or dare"asked ri"dare" i said "i dare you to kiss rona for 1 min"i blushed is it weird for a guy to blush? , i than looked to rona and we leaned and than our lips touched i could feel the sparks and some kind of an electric shock not the bad one ,well after a while i heard zayn saying "hey people it's 2 mins now" we pulled away and breathed heavily wow i liked this kiss it was my turn to spin the bottle i did and it landed on may "truth or dare " i asked "truth " she said yea it's my time to take revenge from niall i know she likes him so i will make him so shy in front of all of us he scares me with his spoons !


may's p.o.v

"truth" i said "so who's your celebrity crush ?" he asked i was about to answer than he cut  me "from this room " he said with an evil look i blushed than said "n-n-nia-all h-horan " i said shyly 

and than i looked at him he was also looking at me than we both looked away than it was my turn to spin the bottle but instead i said "who's hungry i am ?" than me,ri& niall raised our hands and looked at each others laughing "i want nandos" me and niall said at the same time "i want oreos " said ri "and we want some macdonalds " said the rest " ok people lets get dressed so we can buy whatever we want" said sam  we all went to our rooms i opened my closet and got a pink shorts and a baby pink top with "cute " written on it i got dressed than i decided i will straighten my hair i was done with my hair than i put on some make up got my purse and phone and went down .


niall's p.o.v

i can't believe am may's crush i also like her that's great i know i should ask her on a date , we were sitting in the living room waiting for sam and may i don't know what takes them so long girls are boring when they come to clothes after 5 mins they came down we went out and locked the door we all went into the car and drove to nandos me & may went in and the others went to get what they want they told us they'll pick us when they're finished we sat there and ordered our food she was quiet and didn't talk "so am your celebrity crush ?" i asked with a smirk "yeah " she said smiling "well i like your shirt " "why thanks " she said "it's the same like you " i said "maybe" she said giggling "no it's really" i said she smiled after a while our food came we chatted about random stuff than it was time i wanted to ask her now "so may i wanted to take you on a date tomorrow what do you think ?" i asked wishing that her answer is yes " that's great she said smiling "okay at 7 ok ?" i asked "okay " she said .


sam's p.o.v 


we all went to mac. and ordered our orders we waited than our order came , me and harry were sitting on a table alone ,louis&ri went to get oreos ,zayn,rona& liam went to Starbucks than while we're eating harry cut the silence by saying "so what do you think about going to the fair tomorrow " he asked "yeah that's great " i said smiling ohh i have a date ;) than i will be perfect i can't wait to tell the girls than my phone rang it's an unknown number i excused myself and answered it "hello?"i said "hey bitch " "who is it ?"i said but i knew that jerk "haha u don't know ohh slut am zeke your ex ohhh u can't remember me hah a getting you a way or another styles won't say anything hah u think he'll love you ohhh u don't know he's gay " "shut up u jerk u know nothing and don't ever call me again" i said and ended the call i was know crying  than i felt an arm on my shoulder i turned around and saw it was harry i hugged him and cried in he's chest "calm down what is it" he said "it's my ex he wants to get me he used to hit me and he raped me once and he also cheated on me and he was the reason my dad died " i was now crying  harder than he hold me and told me "don't cry he won't find you or do anything am here for you " he said "thanks" i said as we went into the car we called the others and they came and we were on our way to nandos to pick may and niall we picked them and than drove home . 


ri's p.o.v 


me and louis went to get some oreos after a while sam called and said that we should head back to mac. so we can go home we went back to mac. on our way we were chatting about random stuff than when we arrived we got into te car and drove back home , the ride was silent except for sam's phone that was ringing every five mins. but she was ignoring it i don't know why , we arrived home after 15 mins we went in and we all decided to meet at rona's room so we can have a girl talk without the boys we all went and changed into our pjs and than went to rona's room "so girls anything today?" she asked winking "yeah " sam and may said at the same time they looked at each others than at us "i have a date "they said at the same time also "when " i said laughing "tomorrow " they also said at the same time me and rona's didn't stop laughing and they also joined us.


rona's p.o.v


these girls are weird after we stopped laughing i said "so you two have to be perfect " "yea i'll prepare may and u have sam " ri said evilly "NOOOO"they both shouted "why?" i said evilly "REMEMBER LAST DATE " they said no don't worry it's one direction and the boys you love not zeke or jack " ri said "yea zeke called me today and threatened me " sam said sadly "ugh this jerk if he did anything i swear i will smash his face " said may "ohhh your acting like nina remember her hitting every time " sam said whille giggling "yeah i didn't like her way but than she became way better " said may "ok so girls get out of my room i want to sleep " i said yawning they went out and every one went to her room i lied on the bed with my lap top and started chatting with some random people on the omegle but ther was a really nice boy he's name is bad boy i really like his way in talking we than closed and i drifted deep asleep.

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