Dear Cupid, You Suck!

Juliet Lockhart never thought she'd fall in love, let alone with someone she'd spent her whole life hating.

Alec Romero always had a bunch of girls crushing on him but he never liked them. He only ever wanted one girl, which sucks since he's supposed to hate her.

Romeo and Juliet with a twist.


2. Unknown Recognition

Juliet Lockhart's face screwed up into a look of disgust as she looked at the thing her roommate and best friend Anastasia Potter was holding. In Nastya's hands was a dress with a mask to match. It was the night of the masquerade party at their university in BC.

"You've lost every once of sanity you possess if you think I'm wearing that." Juliet's voice held a tone that said she was dead serious.

"Then stick me in a straight jacket and call me crazy. I don't think, I know. That is, you're going to wear it or I'm hanging your bra from the flag pole." The blonde girl grinned at her dark haired friend.

"I hate you." Was all Juliet said as she took the dress and slipped into the bathroom to put it on. She came out wearing the dress and mask. She then proceeded to pull on her black converse high tops before Nastya could lace up the dress. Once her sneakers were in place, she tapped her friend's shoulder.

Anastasia turned in her six inch heels to see Juliet pointing down her back and turning around. Nastya giggled at her friend's frustration. She started to pull the thick black ribbon that held the back of the dress closed over the bright red panel.

She then traded places with Juliet. She zipped up the pink and black dress. The two were total opposites, Anastasia's dress was rather girly, Juliet's was very gothic.

The two walked out of their dorm and headed to the destination of the party.


Alec Romero loved to party and when his buddy invited him to the bash his university was holding, he jumped at the chance. Alec looked around the room at all of the people. He turned around watching as two girls entered the room, one was blonde the other had dark hair, Alec wasn't sure of the colour. The two girls were opposites.

The blonde had her hair up in a very curly ponytail. Her dress was knee length, pink with a section of black lace on the left side making a nice pattern and a strap. Her mask had the same lace on the pink. She had black six inch heels on.

Her friend's dark hair hung in natural waves. The floor length dress she wore was deep red with a black panel on her chest, and in her skirt. Her red sleeves were tight to her elbows then the black fabric flowed out, leaving the end very wide. Black high top converse poked out from the bottom of her dress. The mask was the same red as her dress with black vines on it.

He recognised something about her, he just didn't know what.

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