Dear Cupid, You Suck!

Juliet Lockhart never thought she'd fall in love, let alone with someone she'd spent her whole life hating.

Alec Romero always had a bunch of girls crushing on him but he never liked them. He only ever wanted one girl, which sucks since he's supposed to hate her.

Romeo and Juliet with a twist.


1. 13 Years Ago

Juliet stared at the boy before her. He had red hair and blue eyes, her mother told her he was eight, like her. Juliet didn't care that she was supposed to be nice to the boy, she refused to be kind to someone she couldn't stand. They were strong thoughts to come from an eight year old but that was irrelevant.


She was forced to shake the boy's hand, so Juliet reluctantly outstretched hers and grasped his. Little tingles ran through her fingers when she touched him, like when she touched the Van de Graaf  generator in science class. she immediately dropped his hand and took several steps away from him.


Little did she know, that was only the beginning...

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