"Why" I yelled "it doesn't even matter" I through the bracket back hitting him in the chest and I walked away why should Niall be my soul mate he's ...
I ran out of the hall I could hear him calling my name but I didn't care he had just tried to kiss me and he has another girl I thought it was sweet at first but then not so much tears streemed down my face and my eyes swelled up if I just had stayed in the shadows I wouldn't have got hurt


1. Who Now ?

Summers P.O.V 


It was only 6:00 am and school didn't start for another 2 hours but I guess I had a choice to go back to sleep or go to what I call a hell hole or some other people like to call it school. I picked the 2nd option only because today was the first day of school and it had being so long since I had seen my best friend Harry after he had gone on holiday to London I had to impress him. I pulled on a lacy white top with a pink shirt on the waste line I curled my hair on by one and by then it was almost 7 it was like I was stuck in a time wrap. I got everything ready in my school bag and did light makeup after that I jumped into a cardigan don't ask why ? And grabbed my bag it was now 8:00 am and I was ready to go. I sat down at the table as my sister Cassy came down her blonde hair flowing behind her she was only two years older than me but she was a goddess and I has to expect that every guy wanted her and she didn't even try ! Even Harry likes her I um think. I frowned as I looked her up and down yep crop top fluro big huge boobs probley tissue in there and yet the richest tightest shorts ever yep you said it my sister was a slut ! Could my day get any better and then all of a sudden my other sister melody came in "hey smelloldy" said Cassy,"actually" melody said "I smell better than you" she cried as she sat down next to me. My life could probley not get any worse wait it just did as Cassy spilt her red juice all over my top yep life sucks !! 

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