Shadow that leads to Harry S.

Candy Calder has always been living in her big sister Eleanor Calder's shadow. Eleanor is perfect to everybody and Candy has been living in her shadows, in other words a nobody to anyone.

But when Candy and Eleanor's mother send her to live with her sister in London, she would finally meet the boys. What would the boys think of her? Will they think she's a loser just like everybody else in her life?


4. Chapter 2

Candy's pov

"what's the good news?" i asked standing up, this cannot be possible i seriously hope there joking with me. "that was it sweetheart" my dad answered smiling. Why the heck was he smiling. "when do i leave?" I answered knowing I had no other choice. "tonight sweetheart so you better get packing, we will leave you alone now" my mom answered and left my room. I jumped in my bed, I hate this. I felt tears in my eyes, but decided to be brave and didn't let them spill, but i couldn't blink because if I would then i'd cry. I started packing everything and once i was done i had three suitcases full of clothes, electronics, make-up and other stuff. It was 4 hours to my flight and i'm leaving in an hour s i went downstairs to get something to eat. I got an apple and took a bite out of it. Throughout all of this time i was wondering why they send me and why to my sister, why the perfect one? An hour later I was sitting in my parents car ready to be driven to the airport. I am not talking to my parents, i can't believe they would send me to London. After they dropped me off i waved to them and walked through the security system and stuff until i was on the plane.

~skip plane ride~

I arrived in London and it was so much colder then i thought, i walked to the baggage claim and got my luggage's and went outside not knowing what to do. I don't know if Eleanor's picking me up or what. I looked around and saw a girl known as my sister in disguise, she isn't really good at that. I walked to her. "hi" i said not knowing what else to say. "hi little sis" she replied all enthusiastic. "hi" i said once again. "who got your tongue in a twist" she laughed as i smiled. FAKE. "okay so when are we leaving?" i asked. "now come on" she said and led me to a car which i can't believe it's hers. "where did you get this car?" i asked shocked. "oh my boyfriend" she said casually. Ofcourse her boyfriend. Eleanor always gets the most perfect boyfriends. I only had one boyfriend, but we broke up because he and Eleanor had something going on. I got in the car and smelled the air of flowers, but it was to much making me cough. We arrived at a building and i got my suitcases out the car and followed Eleanor, i struggled carrying my suitcases. Once we arrived there, she opened the door to a gigantic apartment.

"wow" i gasped and dropped my suitcase. "let me show you your room and i'll be on my way" she said and lead me to a normal sized bedroom, but it was really pretty. "thanks" i said. "well bye" she waved and left. I heard the door close and she was out. I have nothing to do and i don't know where to go, i'm alone and it don't felt right. Ever since I've arrived in London I've been feeling that a piece from my heart is missing and i don't get it.


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