Shadow that leads to Harry S.

Candy Calder has always been living in her big sister Eleanor Calder's shadow. Eleanor is perfect to everybody and Candy has been living in her shadows, in other words a nobody to anyone.

But when Candy and Eleanor's mother send her to live with her sister in London, she would finally meet the boys. What would the boys think of her? Will they think she's a loser just like everybody else in her life?


3. Chapter 1

Candy's pov

It was 10 am when I woke up, I couldn't sleep anymore. I was squirming in my bed all night, I feel like something bad is gonna happen today. I got off my bed and walked to the kitchen. I have the house all the myself for the past week because my parents went on a cruise.

I started humming some random lyrics that came to my head and reached for the cereal in my cupboard. I grabbed a bowl and poured the cereal and the milk in. I looked at the calendar on the fridge and saw that my parents is coming home today. I groaned to myself, don't get me wrong I love my parents. It's that they love me too, but less. They love my sister like she was an angel send from heaven above. I grabbed the bowl of cereal and took it upstairs in my room. My room is the smallest in the house and my sister's room is the biggest even though she's not home most of the times. I ate my breakfast and took a shower, I got changed and went downstairs to watch tv.


Somebody shook me awake "candy wake up" my mom whispered, I saw my mom and my dad in front of me. I smiled and hugged them. "hi mom hi dad" I said."Candy we've have good news for you" my dad said, I smiled to myself. I thought of this morning when I felt like something bad was going to happen to me, but nothing bad happened in fact they have good news for me. "yes what is it?" I asked overjoyed, "your going to live with your sister in London" my mom yelled. I felt like my whole world turned upside down twice, my mind started shaking, how can this be possible?


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