Cant Get Over You

Laura has gotten out of a relationship and she is mourning over him! Along the way she finds herself falling for other guys but will she ever find the one?


1. The Begining

I remember the day i first saw him... He was the new kid. He walked in to our class and everyone laughed at him, i gave him a sympethedic smile. He winked at me before leaving. I think this is how it all started...  How i fell for him, and never got over him... and i dont think i ever will. i will never know wat it wld be like to be in his arms, cuddling or the feel of his soft lips on mine... I will never know. What pains me is that he doesnt even care... He just goes on smiling and laughing without a care in the world... sure i laugh and smile to but that doesnt mean im happy on the inside... On the inside im dying... and i need him right here next to me. I love him so much it hurts. and it scares me. Scares me of how much i love and need him when he doesnt even give a second galnce. So this is my story... The story of i fell to hard and fast and was left broken.... For as long as i will ever remember.




"Laura do you like him?" I looked up to see the familiur face of Matt.

"Who?" I asked

"The new kid... Whats his face? Caden? I dont remember." Matt said.

"Ohh, him. Umm.. No. Eww. GRoss. Why?" I asked, little did Matt kmow that was a lie. I did like the new kid, he made me feel different. Good different and no one has ever made me feel this way.

"Idk, he asked me to ask u. I think he likes you."


We were looking at each other... passing by each other, glancing time to time. I went over to a teacher to ask her to sign my yearbook hoping he would talk to me. I left the class with a sigh, then I walked back pretending to forget somthing and someone spoke,

"Hey, Can you sign this? I only have certain people sign it...."

I looked up to see... Caden! Yes!

"Umm, yea sure. Sign mine?" I asked

"Of Course." As i signed my name Caden wrote something down and signed his name.

"I thought you might need it." Caden said. He winked and left.

I looked at what he wrote:

   Hey, So umm.... Heres my number:

                               357 3463

                                  Give me a call or somthin... Yea?



Caden: I thought it was already over.

Me: Yea it is.



Sometimes memories from our relationship always come back...  The good and the bad. I remember it has been almost 1 1/2 years and im still crying myself to sleep.. listening to depressing music and wishing i was anyone but me.I wondered how he was doing... All alone, thinking bout me maybe? SO this is the story of my unfortunate love life...

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