niall was a shy boy who didn't really speak however a new friend helps him over come his fears but she leaves him for another person, but he still cares, she is runined but he comes and helps x


1. whispers

every one used to talk in class whispering to one another, sharing secrets and making fun of other children; however niall sat there in class in the corner by himself, watching the other kids make fun and talk about the other children, niall was a quiet child who never god in anyone's way, or did anything to annoy any one, alot of people liked niall but he just wouldn't talk.

a girl named natalia in his class took a liking to niall and all she did was stare at niall, so in this class of crazy children you have 20 kids talking and whispering and 2 others compelty silents observing other things around them. unlike other children niall understood the world from a whole new perspective he watched as the people went and came , how they brought sadness and joy with them, niall was amazing at judging character however as he was to shy he would never approach the people who would make amazing friends, one day Natalia came up to niall and asked him very gently 'erm-do you have a rubber' niall looks up at her, he had never really noticed her before, but there was something about her, something special, something new, she seamed yo light up the room as she was by him and for the first time ever in his whole secondary school life niall talked, well whispers, '' yes i do pink or blue'' Natalia giggled and said 'blue-thanks' she smiled and walked away she was so happy niall finally noticed her.

at break Natalia had the courage to go sit with niall, she walked over sat down and said 'oh-hey, do you mind if i---' niall busted in with a '' no not at all '' he showed her a cheeky smile and she showed one back, they started to talk about things they liked and they seamed to have a lot in common, when they opened they lunches they both has a ham sandwich with popcorn and chocolate, they looked at each other stunned and both busrsted out laughing as they shared a secret joke. niall finally felt like he found a friend a friend who understands him , Natalia finally feels like she has found her true love..


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