niall was a shy boy who didn't really speak however a new friend helps him over come his fears but she leaves him for another person, but he still cares, she is runined but he comes and helps x


2. when the new boy comes along

natalia and niall had been now sitting together at school and been talking for a while now, there friendship and love had grown stronger and niall was now a lot more confident in himself to try and make new friends, but he didn't just want any one, he wanted to try and find another natalia; she was special, she was like a flowers, not to be touched not to be harmed.

natalia and niall walked into class to be introduced to the new boy, no body liked the new boy in fact, no body knew his name, niall walked away and sat in his corner and just watched the new boy and judged him, niall liked what he could see and knew he was something special, natalia asked the boy ''whats your name?'' timidly he replied 'liam' natalia knew what it was like to be in his position to have to sit alone every day not to be wanted by anyone, but then niall came along and changed that, she tort to herself, *maybe i can make liam feel as special as niall has'' liam and natalia sat next to niall all class, as they tried to learn a bit more about liam

*lunch time*

natalia sat with niall as allways and ate there pickle egg and cheese sandwitches, they heard the other children talking but tried as hard as possible to ignore, natalia saw liam looking around looking clueless, she was about to call him over when niall said '' if he wants to sit with us,  he will come over'' niall didnt seem very happy about liam , but niall was never a jealous type? what has come over him all of a sudden? natalias joyful smile turned to a dim cloud of grey, the room suddley wasent lit no more for niall nether for liam 

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