niall was a shy boy who didn't really speak however a new friend helps him over come his fears but she leaves him for another person, but he still cares, she is runined but he comes and helps x


3. when every thing goes south

the next day of school came, since liam lived near natalia he walked her to school and they stayed together until the bell, niall looked every where for natalia, he peered in to a widow of one of the science blocks, there he sees natalia and liam sharing one of her favorite chocolate bars, niall took a deep breath in and walked away, the bell went liam and natalia walked to form and sat with each other it was like niall was invisible, niall sat in his corner, natalia came over to niall and said ''hey, are you okai'' niall look at her with a scowe ''yes im okai, okai that you lefted me for your new best friend'' natalia looked down at her shoes pushing out a ''sorry niall?'' he ignored her, if he wasent good enough for her why should he even bother to make an effort, he had been there for her supporting her and giving her a friend, however natalia didnt seem to even care she just lefted niall and did everything with liam now.


natalia started to leave niall now didint hang around, onece again he sat in his corner judging people, listen to every one talk and whisper, natalia was now apart of the group now 22 kids screaming and whispering to each other and 1 normal person ''him''.

natalia started trusting liam, told him things that nobody else should even know about, telling him things people would bully her for, things niall didn't even know, natalia and liam sat together at lunch, but liam didnt like the smell of her sandwiches so she had to bring pasta and a cake, boring food boring things.  niall once again at by himself no one to make hiim laugh or make him smile, natalia seemed to be the only person who made him happy and cheerful but now she was gone, he thort to him self '' maybe i picked the wrong person to be friends with'' niall thort he was better alone and he was write nothing good came out of people, he was happy alone, and he don't need friends.

niall walked home and saw liam and natalia in front, they looked back and ignored him, for some reason he was jelous and wanted natalia back he couldnt stop thinking about her and how liam had stole her away from him, liam and natalia had start becoming sheep, they sat with the popular kids : zayn,louis and harry they were trouble and niall kept an eye on them because he knew something bad was going to happan...

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