niall was a shy boy who didn't really speak however a new friend helps him over come his fears but she leaves him for another person, but he still cares, she is runined but he comes and helps x


5. The scares

Niall went home that night wondering if Natalia is worth it?, things and thorts went thought his head, he didn't understand, when shes in trouble, suddenly he was good enough? and now he's in the trouble, however he loves her too much, and he thinks hes just being selfish.

niall goes to his draw, moves all his cloths in it on the floor, and takes out the back, reveling a wooden box, Niall hesitated, and opens it, he moves the junk out the way, and pulls out a blade, Natalia told him how hard it was to break the razor to get the blade, niall just needed it today, he knew liam wouldn't stop, niall already didn't know what to do, he rested the blade against his wrist, pushing the blade in to his sk---  the phone rings , Niall slightly cut him self, his mum calls up '' NIALL ITS NATALIA'' he rushes down stairs pulling his red hoodie on, ''hello?'' she was crying, she said,' i-i tryed to kill my self i couldn't handle it, Niall i'm doing so much to you, maybe if i die the pain might go for every one'' a tear comes from nialls eyes, as he runs his fingers over old cuts, he knows Natalia has done nothing wrong its all Liam and his stupid ''friends''. After Niall had fished his conversation, reasoring Natalia, his mum tells him the hoodie he has go on needs to be washed, he tryed to explain's he will bring it down later, but she didn't listen she lifted him out of it like a baby , Niall held his wrist to his chest and ran up stairs.

*the next day*

Liam see Natalia walking to school, she was alone no niall, he phoned uo saying he was ill, the real reason niall's arms were a mess the cut every possible place he could, but he ddnt want her to worry or any one else to find out. Liam pushes Natalia, making her trip forward, he puts his arm around, she just shrugs him off, Liam says ''hello, hows your scares doing down'' pushing on her wrist hurting her, he smirks and punches her in her arms, treating it as a joke , Natalia just stayed quiet, he says ''oh cats got your tongue?, so wheres your boyfriend today?, Natalia looks up in a instant and defends herself saying very strong '' WERE JUST FRIENDS'' liam laughs and Natalia's head drupes down again, they walk in to the school gate and he just pushes her away like rubbish.

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