niall was a shy boy who didn't really speak however a new friend helps him over come his fears but she leaves him for another person, but he still cares, she is runined but he comes and helps x


7. The black dress

its been 1week now since Niall killed himself, the funereal is in 2 days, Natalia has been suffering deep depression, but all the bulling had stopped, Niall was right, he went and every thing got better on the outside, but on the inside Natalia was a drunken mess of emotions.

Liam still hinted little jokes at her but her fired look put him off saying any more, her mother tells her she needs to go buy a dress and she will saying her last good byes to him, she wanted to try and look beautiful for him like he allways said she was. She didn't want the old black dreads every one wore she wanted to dress to say 'niall was a happy person, who loved and cheered every one uo all the time' what better colour then 'white' it shows him i respected his idea that i was a 'flower' i look in the mirror holding a white satin dress up, i fall to the ground using the dress and a tissue; why did he have to die!! the only person who truly loved me i know some times i didnt see it but he was amazing and he is the only true friend i will ever have. I remember him saying one day 'natalia i want you to cut me as many times that i havent been here for you, i reply with i would never hurt you'  then i understand i was hurting him, every cut killed him a little more inside every time i look a slit of my wrist i took pieces from his heart.


I'm at home, 1 hour from the funeral, i look at my self again i cant i cannot go thought with this at all. i stand in the mirror and smile, i hole the sharp cold knife to my neak and a quick trigger of my hand ends my life, FINALLY I CAN Be with niall, finally, finally. i smile as my head sashed to the ground and hits the floor finally we can be together.


Natalia has been dead for the 3 months and is still the hot topic of the school, the lovers who died ' Romeo and Juliet' in love forever till the end Finally together  

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