niall was a shy boy who didn't really speak however a new friend helps him over come his fears but she leaves him for another person, but he still cares, she is runined but he comes and helps x


4. liam tells...


Niall was now alone, sat by himself all the time, he didn't speak to any one. he noticed Natalia came in the dinner hall crying, he wonders why, but at the same time he don't want to show he cares for her. she comes over to him and sits in front of him, she sniffles her nose and quietly says '' i'm sorry'' he looks at her and fall apart, how could he stay mad at her, Niall gives her a hug and says ''its all okay'' Natalia in a worried voice reply's 'no its not niall, i told liam everything, he wanted to just fit in, he told every one, there all taking the mic out of me niall, i cant handle it '' Niall gives her a hug and asks her what things hes saying, she said '' i told him i cut myself and i told him stuff like who i like and things i do, Niall important things i told you'' she stares deep in to Niall's eyes, he knows what shes talking about. Niall wants to try and fix every thing but as timid as he is, hes just as worried as Natalia, he storms out side and grabs liam, he looks at niall with a big smirk on his face and says '' oh so u want to be my little friend now'' Niall laughs at him ' your friend, your no friend, you just use people like your using these people to be popular, your a horrible person'' liam just looks at niall and whispers in his ear '' ha ha who's getting jealous, sorry i stole the idiot away from you, she wasent much, just a trade'' a tear drops from Niall's eyes , he didn't like hearing nasty things said about Natalia, liam keeps repeating it, niall lashes out and pushes him, liams gang comes over and liam says '' oh the weeping willow wants a fight.COME ON THEN'' niall never expected this, he just wanted his friend he didn't know how much trouble he would get in to. They push niall to ground, Niall heard a girl in the back ground ''go on kick his head in, no one cares about him ahah'' every one laughs and mocks him, Natalia runs over to the teacher, telling her every thing, she runs over to the boy and splits the fight up, Liam looks at niall and say's ''Don't worry weeping willow, ill get you after school''.


Niall and Natalia sat in class, dreading when the bell was going to go, the clock was louder then every, liam and his gang sat there, making faces and hand gesters to scare niall. THE BELL RINGS. its time to face Liam, Natalia and Niall try to walk home like nothing every happand, however Liam wasent going to let them forget, liam runs up to niall, pushing his back '' aw look  its the dream couple aha barbie and ken '' Louis threw rocks and sticks at nialls chest hoping for a reaction, Natalia held his hand she was so scared,zayn and harry block there path and stop them from walking any further, liam says, ''don't worry you too, this is  just one day, we haven't even began our fun yet'' he laughed and said '' see use tomorrow, in a sarcastic voice all the boys walked away Laughing and mocking the two. it turned out liam was no friend at all

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