niall was a shy boy who didn't really speak however a new friend helps him over come his fears but she leaves him for another person, but he still cares, she is runined but he comes and helps x


6. bye, forever

The next day, Natalia went to niall's house to see if he was coming to school, Niall's mum opens the door, her face,red and puffy and her eyes looked liked a water fall, as soon as she layed eyes on Natalia she dropped to her knees, she put her left hand on Natalia's shoulder, she quietly said '' Niall wont be coming to school today darling'' Natalia looked really confused, Nialls mums eyes puffed up again, she handed Natalia a note, his mum sighs, and says '' i can't really tell you any thing right now , but your letter might explain a lot'' Nialls mum quickly shut the door before any more tears came from her eyes , Natalia was so confused and worried about what was going on. She opened the yellow seams of the letter, as it pierced open, the smell of Nialls spray enters the air she pulls out the paper from inside and started to read it.


''Dear Natalia, my beautiful flower 

I don't want you to feel like this is your fault and i don't want you to harm yourself any more please, i had been depressed for months now, i didn't want to say anything about liam, but he bullied me in my old school to the point of cutting and having to move, i knew what would happen, but- i thort everything would change, i couldn't handle it, and i know he is only doing this to you because i am here, so with me gone, no one will want to hurt you any more. Natalia i had a lot of things to tell you but never got the chance, i really want you to know ''i love you'' and i always did, when you first came up to me asking for the rubber, i remember falling in to a trace, you were like my sun shine lighting up my grey clouds, your the only one who understands, i don't even care that you left me any more, because all i need yo know is that your my friend, and all you need to know is that everything will okay now, now i'm gone out the picture, no body will hurt you. i want  you to know your beautiful, and you shouldn't listen to any one any more because your an amazing person,and wonderful. i love you.

from Niall xxx''

a tear fell off Natalia's face and seeped on  the page, Natalia ran home, blasting open the door, ran up stairs and flopped on her bed, her mother opens the door asking if she was okay Natalia with tear's streaming down her face says '' t-t-tell the school i'm ill Please'' her mums leaves her alone, Natalia keeps reading and reading she don't understand why, she pulls her blade out from the back of her computer and starts tearing the blade thought her skin, cutting every inch of skin, she engraved nialls name on her wrist , she covers it with a flower Niall gave her, she remembers he always called her a flower and beautiful, she loved him so much and now she will never be able to tell him , and she will never be able to thank him, Natalia lies on her bed and falls asleep with the letter and flower in her hand.



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