A God From The Heavens

a woman whome is the talk of the town is visted by a doctor (angle ) she is told she is going to have a baby boy aand she will call him harry and he will be the SEX GOD futher on he meets louis, liam ,zayn and niall .......................................... read to ind out


1. visited by a angle

maria was sitting in her room, listening to a classic from the Beatles, then a bright light flug the door open, it was 'THE DOOOCTOR ' she screams at him as he just barged in to her house ; ' i can get you done for breaking an entory' the doctor gose back out side the door and knocks, maria says '' hello ?'' and the doctor replys oh hello maria its me maria shocked replied ohh i wasent expecting you today, the doctor looks at her in a frustrated manner he then replied with i have some brilliant new for you, maria is very curious and says ;;yes yes what it it, she then snaches the doctors notes out his hands and reads the news... she was pregnant, the doctor says  'congrats' maria then looks at him in confusion, ''con-grats ??' the doctor says yea mann thats what all you kids say right, he laughs, he then says moving on to a more serious note , yes your having a baby and its a baby boy you shall call him harry , maria says no no i like jack, but why harry? 

*increasing tense music*

he must be harry and save us all from the population going down, harry will be known as the....SEX GOD... maria gasps *gasp* wow my son the sex god wow imma get so much dollas outta this, the doctor then says raise him as the sexyest boy ever then when hes older he will be ready to meet his father , maria looks to her phone and chews on her gum repliling withh nahh mikes his dad mate , the doctor then says no no the sex lord god king is his father, maria jumps in the air as she has allways wanted to be a princess in a slaggy kinda way as she was kinda draged up not brought up but you know things were better for her now at least she will get child support, maria happy with the news asks the doctor to leave and carrys on listing to her music 


comment if you want me to do more :) x

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