The Seven Relics

In desperation for something a once reckless and dangerous adventurer needs, he is told that all will be given if he searches the Seven Lands of the world and acquires all of the Seven Relics from each respectively. Could this be true? Could all his problems lie in his destiny to attain all the relics or is there something more? (Entered into the Afterlife competition) I also need some MAJOR critiquing on this so please please PLEASE comment on what you think of the story.


1. Prologue: Retiring an Abondoned Life

     In the land of Kortios, deep in the dark, wooded hollows nested between two mountains, there lived a once great and reverent adventurer. He was a bright and wise man and the years of his youth had taught him well, but what no man could run from (not even the greatest of the Seven Lands) was time. So, as you may imagine any old adventurer who was used to travelling around the world would do, the man became a calm hiker of his own lands; perhaps, his greatest of quests were over but still lived within him was his great perseverance. In the land of Kortios, this hiker had the adventurer’s wish… but other would just call it his stubbornness to come to accept his old and decrepit age.

     The years seemed to pass by quicker and quicker, and every day the retired hiker looked upon his wall, for it bore a painting of two valiant warriors in gleaming armor with brightly colored plumes extending out and mocking that of an eagle’s crest. Though one day, as the many other countless days after their quests, the hiker’s friend, a nobleman who was well known around Kortios, came to see his friend. Their friendship had often been observed by the king himself, for there was no other friendship like the two had made.

     Normally, the two drank wine and boasted of their victories long ago while still talking with each other as they used to; however, the hiker was stuck in a disconsolate state of mind this time. At noticing his friend's depression, the nobleman was persistent in comforting his friend. You see, the hiker’s drastic nostalgia for another large adventure had been consuming his mind. It would be a folly for me to say that the hiker was still alive inside.

      And in spite of the nobleman's kind words he had spoken (and I must say they were true to every word), the hiker could not begin to comprehend them. But one thing and one thing alone could the nobleman tell the hiker: “If you, my greatest friend, go and collect an ancient relic from each of the Seven Lands, you will be rewarded with eternal happiness.” And with those final words from his greatest friend, the hiker set afoot to return with all seven relics in hand.


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