The Seven Relics

In desperation for something a once reckless and dangerous adventurer needs, he is told that all will be given if he searches the Seven Lands of the world and acquires all of the Seven Relics from each respectively. Could this be true? Could all his problems lie in his destiny to attain all the relics or is there something more? (Entered into the Afterlife competition) I also need some MAJOR critiquing on this so please please PLEASE comment on what you think of the story.


3. Epilogue: Promises to be Made

     The old and wise great grandfather closed his eyes and took a deep breath while tears rolled down his cheeks in remembrance. The king’s great grandson looked up from his grandfather’s lap and said, “You don’t mean…”

     “Yes,” the elderly king went on, “The hiker had moved on to another place far from here. He has finally climbed that final mountain, and while he is here in our hearts, he’s dancing in the stars watching and waiting patiently for his partner to continue on another adventure.”

     “Does life really go on after we die?” the grandson asked with wide, glittering eyes.

     The king stopped and smiled while looking up proudly at a horizon with a single cross upon it, “Only if one chooses so.”

     The child thought for a moment and then eagerly asked, “Do you think the hiker has an adventure already planned out for his friend?”

     “Ho-ho-ho,” the king chuckled deeply at the thought of his friend and winked at his grandson, “By knowing him, he has already planned out ten.”


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