Hi im Elise but I go by El. I leave in a small town called Thorne, never heard of it...im not surprised, the closest town to Thorne is Doncaster. I go to Doncaster everyday for work, and today things changed.


9. 9

El's POV

Im so angry at Gabe, he called yelling at me to get home causing me to leave Louis, which I most defiantly didn't want to do. When I step in the door im attacked by Gabe

"Where have you been!" she looks down to see my bloody jeans

"What the hell happened are you ok, did he hurt you, I knew I shouldn't have let you go"

"GABE! STOP! im not hurt he is, He took me to a park and we had a picnic and it was perfect and he asked me to be his girlfriend and we kissed and it felt like nothing I had ever felt and then we went to the movies and a man came in with a gun and he protected me Gabe! he used his own body to shield me, he got shot and I've been at the hospital with his, and thankfully he is ok because is he wasn't I don't know what I would do because I love him! God dammit I love him Gabe!" he pulls me into a hug

"El im so sorry I didn't know, but in my defence im your best friend you should have told me sooner" I cant help but laugh


"So are you going to tell me who he is now?

"No, you would freak"

"ill let you meet him when he is out ok babe?"

"Fine" he says with a huff.

"Im going to go see him after work ok so don't expect me home"

"OK but no getting it on in a hospital!"

"No promises!"


"so you really like her..."

"Liam...I really love her"

"Have you told her?"

"No your the only one that knows" the other boys went for food and Liam choose to stay with me,

"You need to mate, im really happy for you"

"Thank you Liam" me and the boys chill all day. Its getting late and i get to go home tomorrow

"Lads go home, your all tired, and I wont take no for an answer"

"Fine" they all hug me and say their goodbyes and shortly after El comes in

"Hey babe" she hugs me tightly and kisses me

"Its late shouldn't you be home"

"Im not leaving you alone all night Louis, ill sleep in the chair"

"No you will not" I scoot over and pat the spot next to me, she laughs and snuggles in close to me, I love having her close to me. He phone buzzes and I grab it,

"Who is babe.....?"

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