Hi im Elise but I go by El. I leave in a small town called Thorne, never heard of it...im not surprised, the closest town to Thorne is Doncaster. I go to Doncaster everyday for work, and today things changed.


8. 8

Louis' POV

I hear a gun and turn around to see a mad man firing a gun at innocent people, im scared but I need to be strong for El and I need to keep her safe

"El come on get under the seat" I can tell she is terrified. She gets under the seat she is so small so she fits and I hold on the her tightly like a barrier. She was completely covered, if the man came this way he wouldn't even see her all he would see is me. I don't want to die but I would rather die than live without El...I think I love her. I suddenly feel a sharp pain in my leg I look down and see blood. It hurts so much, I cant keep my eyes open, it hurts...

El's POV

I feel something sticky on my legs and look down and see blood. Tears stream down my face as I look up to a motionless Louis

"Please wake up Louis, please don't leave me please" I whisper. I cant let this happen, god I love Louis so much he cant leave me like this. I hear the man leave and I get out and call the police. I carefully drag Louis out of the theater and people came to help. An ambulance came and got Louis on a stretcher

"Miss you cant go in the ambulance enless your family"

"Please just make and exception, please I cant let go of him please"

"...Fine hurry on now get in"

"Thank you" I get in and I never let go of Louis' hand, they hook Louis up to a bunch of machines and lucky he is still alive we get to the hospital and I have to separate from Louis because they take him to surgery...please let his be ok I love him....

Louis' POV

I wake up and the memories flash through my head. I open my eyes in a panic because I need to know if El is ok, I look down to see El holding my hand sleeping, I see the tear marks on her face, I never want her to cry. I kiss the top of her head but I don't wake her up, she seems so peaceful. suddenly my 4 best mates walk in rather loudly I shush them quickly and Niall runs over and hugs me

"So this is her ey?" he says with a cheeky grin, I laugh and nod then Harry comes over and squeezes me tightly

"im glad your ok and im glad shes ok, I know how much you like her"

"Um...hate to interrupt but does anyone want to fill me and Zayn in" we all laugh

"Niall and Harry will tell you...outside.. I want to wake her up but she will be overwhelmed by all of you" they get up and leave and smile at me, those boys are so cheeky, but you have to love them. I brush my fingers through El's hair gently waking her, she looks at me and jumps up and hugs me tightly like she never wants to let go

"Louis don't ever do that again! you scared me, I thought I lost you"

"Babe you will never lose me, I promise." I pull back and wipe the tears from her face and kiss her, I never want to stop kissing her, as our kiss becomes more passionate my hands find their way to her hips. her hands run through my hair. I have a heart monitor on and of course my heart starts racing causing it to start beeping, El pulls away from the kiss and starts laughing,

"Don't get to excited there babe" we hear laughter out in the hall

"I should have known you four really hadn't left!" El looks confused and then they came in. Harry of course being his flirtatious  self walks up to her and kisses her hand,

"hello there" she laughs and then the rest of the boys give her hugs and introduce themselves, we spend an hour goofing off and joking around and El gets a call she steps out of the room and comes back in with a sad look

"Whats wrong" she walks over and give me a hug

"I have to go im sorry"

"its ok babe I understand, besides your still in the clothes from yesterday, you need to get cleaned up anyway"

"Are you telling me im dirty?" she says looking fake hurt

"Just go" she kisses me and turns to leave but I grab her hand and kiss her again

"Your cheeky Lou, ill be back later" and with that she leaves, I miss her already.

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