Hi im Elise but I go by El. I leave in a small town called Thorne, never heard of it...im not surprised, the closest town to Thorne is Doncaster. I go to Doncaster everyday for work, and today things changed.


7. 7


We get to the park and Louis grabs the basket and takes my hand once again and we head to a table. the park is empty and its extremely secluded.

"Louis why is this place so empty?"

"Well Doncaster is my home town, so I found this place when no one else did and then went I went on Xfactor I found out that they were going to build a huge building here so....well....I bought it..."

"y-you bought and entire park?"

"Yeah this place meant a lot to me so I couldn't let it go." I smile at him, that's crazy but I love how he uses his money for good things. he takes the food out and we start to eat and its so good! A moan accidently slips out of my mouth and Louis laughs

"Oh my god that's embarrassing, its just so good"

"I just wish I would have made you make that noise" he says with a cheeky grin

"LOUIS!!! haha well technically if you made this food then you did"

"Ewww that means Harry made you moan!"

"What!" Louis is dying of laughter

"I cant cook very well so I talked harry into doing it because, well his food is to die for"

"...im sorry Louis, but I may need to leave you for harry..." I try so hard not to laugh

"I wouldn't care, your not my girlfriend yet anyway..."

"Hurtful! wait...you said yet..." he blushed a bright red

"Um...well I was going to ....ask you...if you wanted to be my girlfriend?"

"No" he looked hurt

"B-but I thought-"

"Louis...I would love to be your girlfriend...im just a sarcastic bitch"

"You could never be a bitch...your perfect" now its my turn to blush, Louis takes his hands and cups my face and leans in. Oh My! he wants to kiss me... I lean in and our lips connect, I cant explain it but...

"Wow" we lean our forehead on each others and laugh

"please let me do that again" I start laughing hysterically

"Louis you don't have to ask, im your girlfriend now" he pulls me in again and kisses me and its almost better than the first time. after a couple minutes we finally separate and we both are breathing heavily

"I wish I could do this all day but we need to finish eating and get to the movie" we laugh and continue eating,

"Dear God why is this food so good, Harry should rethink his profession, he needs to be a chief."

"I think harry and half of the teenage population like Harry where he is at"

"True" We finish eating and leave and head to the movies

"What movie are we seeing Lou?"

"Don't hate me babe but we going to see The Purdge"

"Wait that movie about how for 12 hours all crime is legal and people come to this house and try to murder those people...I really hate you..."

"Thanks babe" we get in and take our seats. im scared and the movie hasn't even started yet. I curl up and hug my knees to my chest, I feel Louis put his arm around me and pull me close. I feel his breath on my ear

"Baby, don't be scared im right here I would never let anything happen to you" I relax a little and lean into him, he makes me feel safe. the movie starts and its really scary, my head is in Louis' shoulder and suddenly I hear screaming a gun fire that sounded far to real to be in the movie.

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