Hi im Elise but I go by El. I leave in a small town called Thorne, never heard of it...im not surprised, the closest town to Thorne is Doncaster. I go to Doncaster everyday for work, and today things changed.


3. 3

I drive home in a rush I want to text Louis so badly. I finally get home and run upstairs like a teenage girl, don't I feel stupid. I grab my phone and text Louis

To: LouBear

Hey 'loubear' nice name you put for yourself, anyway I figured I would text you wouldn't want to keep you waiting haha :) x

within seconds I already have a new message

from: LouBear

I knew you would love the name :) and you kept me waiting for sometime, and you already gave me a kiss...we haven't even been on our first date yet...what will I ever do with you :) xx

To: LouBear

Well LouBear, it looks like you took it upon yourself to give me 2 kisses so what ever am I supposed to do with YOU :P xxx

From: LouBear

How long are you gonna keep this up babe :) xxxx

To: LouBear

In till I win ;) xxxxx

From: LouBear

fine you win, besides id rather give you a real kiss ;) x

Suddenly Gabe barges in

"Really your gonna go straight to room and say nothing to me! and why are you smiling like a dumbass?"

"Its nothing Gabe"  he slowly walks over and grabs my phone

"Gabe give it back!"

"Oh LouBear really, he wants to give you real kisses does he"


"Fine here" he hands me my phone tell him you have to go now, we are having a bffl night"

To: LouBear

Maybe I would like you to make those kisses real ;) hate to be a tease but I got to go oh and did you call me babe earlier?

From: LouBear

Yes I did babe :) I wish you didn't have to go :( oh well ill see you tomorrow ill pick you up after work bring a change of clothes ;) xx

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