Hi im Elise but I go by El. I leave in a small town called Thorne, never heard of it...im not surprised, the closest town to Thorne is Doncaster. I go to Doncaster everyday for work, and today things changed.


12. 12

El's POV

"Babe...baby wake up..." Louis says sweetly, I open my eyes and smile.

"Were here" he kisses me and gets out and walks around and opens my door for me. We step onto my porch,

"Its not to late to turn back now, Gabe does bite..."

"I will live now come on" I open the door and walk in and I feel Louis fingers intertwined with mine


"Well you have made him out to be pretty bad" I laugh

"Gabe im home and I have someone I want you to meet!" we hear footsteps down the stairs and Gabe walks down in nothing but sweats and he looks like he just woke up,

"Gabe its 2 in the afternoon and you just woke up?" he gave a grumpy mumble and looked up. His eyes widened at the sight of Louis, his eyes look down at our hands and he gasps

"You Bitch! He is the one you haven't been telling me about! You thought I would freak!"

"Well you kind are freaking" he opens his mouth to say something but stops, and Louis steps forward

"Hi, im Louis"

"Oh honey, I know who you are! im Gabe and im sure you have heard terrible things about me"

"Gabe leave him alone!"

"Whatever I am mad at you I didn't get a hug when you came in" I walk over and give him a extremely tight hug

"Ok I said hug not death grip! anyway I am leaving and wont be back till tomorrow, so you two have the house! don't do anything I wouldn't!"

"Gabe, there isn't much you wouldn't do!" Gabe runs out the door leaving me and Louis alone,

"come on I wanna show you something" I take Louis' hand and lead him to my back porch.


"Gabe did this all for my birthday one year and we never took it down" I had a pool lined with beautiful lights and...well words couldn't really explain it. It was like a forest of lights and it was like my wonderland. Louis walked around looking at the lights and he made his way to the pool, I walked up behind him and pushed him in but before I knew it he grabbed onto my hand and pulled me in with him, we both came up and were laughing and splashing each other. Louis started undoing his jeans,

"What are you doing!"  he continues and takes his shirt of along with his jeans,

"Not like you don't want to see this!"

"Fine you wanna play that way" I take my jeans and shirt off and throw them on the deck and turn to see Louis' mouth open, I couldn't help myself, I splashed a huge wave of water at him filling his mouth

"Hey! its on now!" Louis quickly swims over and picks me up and acts like he is going to throw me but instead he crashes his lips with mine, Louis keeps walking and pushes me into the side of the pool. The kiss get deeper and more passionate and my hands run through his hair. I then put my hands on his shoulders and push him down into the water and I get out of the pool, he gets out as well and sits on a chair next to me

"Your such a tease you know that!" I look over at Louis who sticks his tongue out at me and I notice that his hands are over his crotch and he follows my gaze,

"Yeah..um....tight wet boxers are very defining....do you think I could borrow any of Gabe's clothes?" I cant help but die of laughter, I finally calm down and nod and motion him to follow me. I take him to Gabe's room and get out some boxers and sweats,

"No shirt?" I walk over and kiss him,

"Nope" popping the p, I leave the room and go get changed myself. I walk downstairs and Louis is sitting on the couch, I walk over to him and sit beside him and cuddle into his side, we start watching a movie and I couldn't help but fall asleep in Louis arms of safety.

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