Hi im Elise but I go by El. I leave in a small town called Thorne, never heard of it...im not surprised, the closest town to Thorne is Doncaster. I go to Doncaster everyday for work, and today things changed.


10. 10


I see the hurt in Louis' eyes, he doesn't understand, babe in my phone is Gabe,

"Are you cheating on me?"

"Louis, no im not, I swear-"

"How could you after I risked my life for you"

"Please listen to me its a misunderstanding" he looks down at my phone

"He asks what time you will be home....YOU LIVE WITH HIM!!!"

"LOUIS!!! STOP AND LISTEN TO ME!" tears boil over both of our eyes, I have so many emotions sadness and anger that he wont listen to me I feel like my heart is being ripped into pieces, I have gotten up and am across the room, I slowly walk back over

"Louis...I promise you its not what it looks like...."

"Then what is it!" he snaps at me, and anger boils over me

"You know what! if you wont listen to me fine but im done trying, I love you and you are to bloody blind to see that Lou!" I grab my phone and my stuff and turn to leave but Louis has gotten up and limped over to the door blocking my exit.

"Louis your not supposed to use your leg..."

"I don't care....El...you told me you loved me...do you realize that....because I hope it wasn't just spur of the moment because....I love you too..."

"Y-you do?" he grabs me and pulls me into a hug

"El I risked my life for you because I knew I couldn't live without you, I knew then that I loved you and nothing is going to make me take that back"

"Louis...im not cheating on you... let me help you back to your bed and I can explain" he nods and limps back to his bed

"Are you ok...do you need any pain medicine..."

"Babe... im fine really..." I start to sit in the chair that's away from the bed but Louis grabs me and makes me sit on the bed

"Louis...babe in my phone is a guy named Gabe ....yes I live with him...but he is as gay as it gets, he is my best friend and completely GAY!"

"Well don't I feel stupid, Im really sorry Babe, I just get jealous, I love you and I don't want you with anyone else"

"Well your in luck LouBear because I don't want to be with anyone else" he pulls me down into him and he kisses me

"I love you so much, El, don't ever forget that"

"I love you too, and that's why I haven't even told Gabe that im dating you, he knows im dating someone but he will freak when he finds out, he is a massive fan and that's how I knew who you were in the first place."

"Well lets tell him"

"Are you sure about that?"

"yeah ill come over to your place tomorrow"

"ok but your calling for your own death" we both laugh and he kisses me passionately, he puts his arm around me and I fall asleep will my head on his chest, and it feels perfect.

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