Remeber me?

Ashley grew up in Mullingar Ireland with her best friend Niall. But when Niall attends x-factor their friendship starts to fade. A vacation to England doesn't only bring her back to her missed friend but also to someone els, and it brings her very close, but what is someone's get hurt becaus of that?


13. you made a promisde

I laid in my bed for a long time, I was tired after the concert. Niall violently woke me up bij strumming his guitar really loud next to my ear. 'Wake up princess!' 'Alright, alright.' I mumbled, getting out of bed. Niall left to finish breakfast. I sighed, inly five days untill I go back to Ireland. I followed the smell of pancakes and took a chair opposite of Niall. 'How does it taste?' He asked. I gave him a thumbs up with a full mouth. After eating I changed clothes. 'I'm hanging with Zayn and Perrie today? Do you want to go with us? I think Calum would like to go with us to.' I nodded. 'Sounds cool.'


We decided to meet at the mall. I had to admit I had ni idea who Perrie was, but I didn't dare to ask it. When we arrived Zayn and a girl, who was propably Perrie were already there. Five minutes later Calum arrived. 'So this is Ashley.' Zayn introduced me to Perrie. 'Hi.' She said with a friendly smile. 'Hi, you must be Perrie.' She nodded. Zayn gave me a you-didn't-know-that? look, bet quickly changed it. Perrie inmidiatly took me to a clothingshop. 'Here they have nice clothes.' She said excitedly. I tried a lot of clothes but looked sadly at the pricetags. 'You look amazing with that outfit!' Perrie cooed. 'These clothes are nice...but...I can't pay them.' 'Oh, no prop, I'll pay them for you!' 'No, I can't let you do that.' 'If I didn't want to I wouldn't suggest, right?' Perrie was such a nice sunny girl, I think she can light up every place. She paid for them and we joined the boys again. At their the look of the shoppingbags they were carrying, they did some shopping to. Zayn took Perrie's hand and pecked her on her lips. 'Oh, so Perrie is Zayn's girlfriend. We ate at a snackbar and while the boys went for some gaming at the gamehall, Perrie took my to her favorite shoestore. I didn't feel right she paid most of the things but she wanted it and she didn't accecpt a no.


After the shopping I went back at Niall's home and Calum came with us. The boys did some games of fifa while I was watching. suddently Calum quit the game and stood up. 'I want to give you something.' He said. Niall smirked, he knew what was going on. After disappearing in the hallway he came back with a long purple box. 'Special for you.' He said with a cute smile. I opened it and in the box ther was a necklace with two intertwined hearts, on had Calum and one had Ashley engraved. 'Oh my god! It's so beautiful!' 'I'm happy you like it.r Niall took the necklace and did it around my neck. 'It looks beautifull on you.' Niall said, and he meant it.' 



The next day Calum took me to his house, he lived in with his mates. But they were in town. We watched some tv and ate noodles. 'Only four days before I leave.' I sighed. 'I'm gonna miss you. But no panic, it will be alright.' I laid my head on his shoulder. When I was with him, everything was alright. I never feld this way before. Calum gave me the feeling I was loved, I was save. Calum tickled me and got me out of ùy trance. 'What were you thinking of?' 'Just...that I love you.' 'I love you more.' 'Tomorrow is the last concet of the tour in England.' Calum sighed. ' 'To bad. I enjoyed it much.'


Backstage I was watching the boys doing their perfomance. After the concert they chilled a bit on the stage, eating and drinking some wather. I joined them like I always did. I was talking to Niall as I heard Luke and Calum were discussing something about another country. I turned around to hear what they were saying. 'I can't believe we're going home againg in two days.' Luke said. 'It's gonna be wierd seeing our country back.' Calum said. Another country? Going home? Don't they live in England? 'What I like less is the giant jetlag.' Michael said. They nodded. 'Next time we take One Direction to our country.' Ashton said. Our country? 'They will love One Direction in Australia.' I heard Calum saying. I jumped up. 'AUSTRALIA?!' I screamed a bit louder then I wanted. Everyone turned his head to me. 'Please tell me you guys don't live in australia!' I was in total panic by now. Calum stood up and looked at me. 'Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't tell you.' 'You live on the fucking other side of the world?!' 'Look, I didn't tell you because then you would never get into a relationship with me.' I was boiling by now. 'Calum! You should have told me! When are you coming back?' 'Uhm...I don't know...Maybe next year, for the next 1D tour.' 'Maybe next year?' Tears started to well up. 'How is going to work out?' I stottered. 'Yeah, I didn't wanted to tell you this but maybe we have to give it a break untill we are old enough to travel by ourself.' 'Then why did you gave me this necklace?' 'Because I want you to remember me.' 'Calum you promised to love me forever.' Tears streamed down. 'You promised to look after me, that even when I go back to Ireland, you would make this work out. You're a lyer! A fucking lyer!' I snatched at the necklace untill the little lock broke and threw it away. 'I hate you!' I yelled as I ran out in the puring rain. I didn't mind getting wet, even tough I was only wearing a shorts and a shirt. I ran and ran and ran, untill my legs couldn't hold my anymore. I sled down a wall, no idea where I was. People didn't care about me. I cried and screamed, I screamed on the top of my lungs, but what did it matter?


After ten minutes I was soaked, I was cold, but I stayed. Someone was calling my name. But the voice faded in the rain. Again, my name. He sounded desperate. Should I react? No. It was getting dark, people left the streets, left me alone. I sneezed and crawled close aganst the wall. Nobody cares. I almost fell asleep as I heard foothsteps getting closer. 'Ashley? Ashley!' The person ran towards me and wrapped his muscular arms around me. 'Niall she's here!' Then I noticed it was Liam. He picked me up, bridal style. Niall ran towards us. 'Thanks God you found her.' Crying was all I could do. 'How long have you been lying there.' Niall asked concerned. I didn't answer, the truth was I had no idea. 'It has been six hours since she left.' I was cold and barely able to keep my head up. 'Let's bring her home.' They laid me in the car and drived me to Niall's house. Now Niall carried me inside and laid me onhis back. 'Can you undress, I won't look.' I tried, but was to weak. 'If we don't get those wet clothes off here, she will get become hypothermic.' Liam said. It was already autum, but for in an arena this outfit was more than warm enough. 'Liam can you lave for a minute.' Liam did what he was asked. 'Look Ash, I'm going to take of those wet clothes but I promise It's just because it is nesacarry.' I nodded and that was the last thing I could do. My vision became blurred. Niall took of my shorts and shirt and tried to get his sweetpants and shirt on. He took a blanket and wrapped me in it. He took me close to his body and rubbed me, trying to warm me. I heard Niall sobbing, and that's something I hate to hear. 


Slowly I looked up to Niall's face. A tear rolled down his cheek. I was still shivering, but it got better. Liam got back in and sat next to Niall. 'It's all my fault.' Niall stuttered. 'Why is this your fault?' Liam asked. 'If I just told Ashley Calum is from Australia, then this wouldn't have happened. But this is another the reason I didn't want them to be together in the first place, I don't want my little princess to get hurt.' I slowely started to move and Niall noticed. 'Ashley?' 'She is getting back colour.' Liam said. 'N-Niall, t-this isn't y-your f-fault.' I stuttered. I crawled up so I was facing Niall. 'It's my fault for believing bullshit.' I added. Niall caressed my back. 'No it's not, I should have told you.' 'Maybe, but it wouldn't have changed my feelings.' 'The reason I didn't told you is because you guys looked so happy.' 'Our conversation got interrupted by Liam's phone ringing. 'It's Luke, I think I better answer him. I listened to the conversation, even tough I only heard what Liam said.


'Oh no...'

'That's not ok.'

'Poor boy.'

'I hopes he calms down.'

'Ok, I'll tell her.'

'Bye Luke.'

Liam turned back to us. 'The moment you ran of Calum bursted out in tears. No one can calm him down, he didn't stop crying and he is still crying. He thinks you hate him and he wants to go home and stop what he is doing, I mean the band.' I eyes widened. 'I don't hate h-oh my god, I shouted at him that I hate him.' Someone rang the door and Liam stood up to answer it. He came back with Louis behind him. 'Ashley you need to talk to Calum.' Louis said with pain in his eyes. 'I never saw Calum like this, really, I was scared he was going to pass out or something.' I feld so guilty. 'Where is Calum now?' I asked. 'He's home, but I can get him if you want. He said he wanted to come here but he didn't dare to because he thinks you don't want to see him.' 'Please, I want to talk to him.' Louis stood up. 'I'm going to pick him up.


the door opened again, Louis walked in and I knew Calum was with him. I didn't really knew what I was going to say, but I could never leave Calum like this. No matter what happens, I still love him.

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