Remeber me?

Ashley grew up in Mullingar Ireland with her best friend Niall. But when Niall attends x-factor their friendship starts to fade. A vacation to England doesn't only bring her back to her missed friend but also to someone els, and it brings her very close, but what is someone's get hurt becaus of that?


11. time of my life

I woke up by someone tickeling me. When I opened my eyes saw Niall leaning over me, looking at me with his big blue eyes. 'Hey princess, you're awake.' I streched myself and got out of the bed, giving Niall some space. 'Did you sleep good?' Niall asked, his eyes were sparkeling again like they used to do. 'Ofcourse.' Niall sat up and smiled bright. The nurse came in, checking on Niall. 'Everything looks good, you can go home if you want, just take it easy.' 'Ofcourse.' The nurse idsconnected the tubed and Niall stood up, wobbling a bit. He changed clothes and I supported him and took him outside to check him out. 'I'll cal Liam to drive you home.' I said. 20 minutes later, Liam walked in and took us to Niall's house. 'How are you feeling Ni?' Liam asked as we sat in the livingroom. 'A lot better.' The doorbell rang and I opened to door to find Calum. 'Cal?' 'C-Can you ask Niall if I can come in' 'Don't be silly, just come in.' Nervous Calum walked right behind me tot the livingroom. He expected Niall to be mad but Niall stood up and walked over to Calum to hug him. 'I'm sorry Cal, I've been a dick.' 'That's not true.' Calum said. 'You two are happy together and I shouldn't ruin that.'  'Awe Niall.' 'But treath my little princess well.' I chuckled because Niall bieng so protective. 'Ofcourse, what do you expect.'


We had the best chat ever, me and Niall talked about the past and about the future. After that we want to Nando's, I thought he was going to eat the whole place, but then I remembered Niall starved himself out of sadness, I I fuilt guilty because I knew I was the reason. 'I never thought Niall could eat this much, I mean I know he can eat mucht but this is mad.' Liam chuckled. 'Someone must be very important to Niall if it can cause him to stop eating.' Calum said. Niall looked at me and nodded. 'Yes she is.' He said with a smile. 'she's my sister.' He added proud. Niall payed for all of us and then took us to a place I don't know where. 'It's a suprise!' He said excitedly. When he praced I saw we were at the carnival. 'Wait here.' Niall said as he was going to puy the tickets. He came back with a bunch of tickets. 'Now let's have some fun!' We ran behin in and hopped on the first rollercoster we coul find. It was heaven to hear Niall's laugh again when we ran trough the mirror palace. We did so much rollercosters I got dizzy. 'Niall won a big teddy and gave it to me. 'He's as cuddly as you are.' I chuckled. 


We decided to get on the ferrisweel and Niall took his camera out of the bag of his pants. He took photo's of me, Liam and Calum, and then he asked something I didn't saw coming. 'You two should kiss, so I can take a picture of it.' I hesitated but then turned ly head to Calum and gentely pressed my lips on his. In the corner of my eyes I saw the flash but I didn't stop, I was in heaven. 'Aww, lovebirds.' I heard Liam saying. I slowly backed of and Looked at Niall, afraid he would hurt but he was smiling from ear to ear. 'I'm sure you gonna like this pic.' He said. I chuckled and rested my head on Calum's shoulder. 


I was getting tired and the boys must have noticed it. 'Let's bring you home.' Liam said. When I walked into the hotel my mum was standing there. 'O my god Ashley, where were you? I was worried sick about you!' Then I remembered I didn't conctact my mum. 'Sorry mom, I was at the carnival with Niall, Calum and Liam.' The boys walked in and inmidiatly my mom changed mood. 'Oh, luckely.' She gave Niall a heartwarming hug. 'Good to see you, you have grown so much.' She said. 'It's good to see you to.' Niall said. I yawned. 'I think we should let Ley sleep.' Liam said as he gave me a hug. 'The boys said goodbye and I followed my mum back into the hotel. I crawled into  bed with a happy mood, this is the best vacation ever.

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