Remeber me?

Ashley grew up in Mullingar Ireland with her best friend Niall. But when Niall attends x-factor their friendship starts to fade. A vacation to England doesn't only bring her back to her missed friend but also to someone els, and it brings her very close, but what is someone's get hurt becaus of that?


8. love hurts

'He's what?!'  I couldn't believe it. 'Since when?' I asked. 'Since he's put into a boysband.' Was this real? Could the boy I grew up with, I know inside out, who is basically my brother, be in love with me? It was wierd thinking about him this way. 'I need to go home...' I said as I stood up. Calum stood up to and gave me a hug. 'Be good, see ya.' 'See ya.'


After eating I went straight to my room, sitting on my bed. What a wierd day, I almost kissed Calum and then discovered my best friend is in love with me. What should I do now? Calum is so sweet and caring, Niall is my soulmate but I don't see him like more than a friend. tomorrow I should go to Niall to have a talk, Niall decerves this. 



I stood in front of Niall's door, ringing the bell with shaking hands. 'Ashsley, oh hi...' Niall looked like he didn't sleep much. 'Niall, can I come in?' He nodded slightly. Niall walked in again and I followed him. Niall took a sit on the couch and I sat next to him. 'Niall, don't treath me like a stranger...' Niall looked at me with hurt written on his face. 'Ashley, did...did Calum told you something, something you didn't know yet?' I hesitated, how could he know?' 'Ashley, Calum texted me, please be honest with me.' 'Ok,ok, he told me about you feelings for me.' 'I was afraid of that.' 'Niall, you mean so much to me, you're like a brother, but...' 'Not more than that?' 'I'm sorry...' 'No, don't be...I was thinking you would feel that way. I didn't tell anything because I know you have to go back to Ireland and I will baremy see you.' Niall was talking so fast, he sounded more Irish than ever. 'Ashley, I'm sorry.' 'Niall, I might not be in love with you but you still are my soulmate.' Niall smiled slightly and wrapped his arms around me. 'I missed your horan-hugs.' I said silently. He hold me even more tight.


The next days were the days of my life. I had a great time with Calum, he showed me London, and even took me to other places, he taught me their songs on the guitar. 'You're very good at the guitar.' He said. We sat together in a meadow. 'I used to play guitar a lot with Niall.' When I thought back about the time we sat together in the forest around the campfire, playing the guitar, I feld sorrow in my heart. 'Something up?' Calum asked. 'No, no, I was just thinking.' 'I wanna take you somewhere.' Calum said, taking our guitars and running into the direction of the overground. 'Wait for me!' We jumped on the overground and headed over to London. We jumped out and Calum took my arm and pulled me to the Big Ben. 'What are we going to do?' I asked curious. 'You'll see.' We walked closer and he took me into the building. There was a winding staricase and Calum ran up, me right behind him.


totally out of breath we reached the top. 'Wow, what a vieuw!' I said, trying to catch my breath again. 'You just need to see this!' Calum said exited!' 'Umh Calum?' 'Yeah?' 'Are we allowed to come here?' 'Not really...' 'Oh my god Calum!' 'C'mon, you have to admit, it's cool.' I nodded. Then there were footsteps. 'Fucking run!' Calum yelled and we runned down the stairs, away from the building. A couple of streets further we stopped. We lost ourself in laughter. 'That was exiting.' I laughed. 'C'mon!' Calum pulled me with him to the London eye.


'Wow! another amazing vieuw.' My hand accidently touched Calum's and I feld sparks going trough my whole body. I met his eyes and looked away shyly. After we did some strolling trough London we took a touristbus. 'Isn't London fun?' Calum said. 'You bet it is!'


Calum walked with me to the hotel. He hugged me tight. 'I had so much fun today.' I said, looking into his eyes. 'Me to. When do I see you again?' 'Tomorrow I'm hanging out with my mum. 'So I see you in two days? The lads of our group and One Direction are going to practise.' 'Ofcourse, see ya.' 'See ya.' I walked in with the best feeling ever, a feeling I can't describe. Butterflies in my stomach, tingles all ove rmy body everytime Calum looks into my eyes. Oh god...Irm so in loven and there is no way of hiding this.

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