Remeber me?

Ashley grew up in Mullingar Ireland with her best friend Niall. But when Niall attends x-factor their friendship starts to fade. A vacation to England doesn't only bring her back to her missed friend but also to someone els, and it brings her very close, but what is someone's get hurt becaus of that?


4. it's been so long

I looked at Calum like I saw a gohst.

'Is it possible you know Niall from a very young age?'

I nodded slowly. 'I don't know if you know me because I don't know you but I'm Ashley Peters, and's true, I know Niall for a very long time.' The rest of the boys were looking at eachtoher like they just solved a mistery, Calum was just frozen in place. 'Calum?' I wiped away my tears. 'You need to see Niall back.' He just said.


'I didn't talk to Niall for two years.' I said with pain hearable in my voice. 'I think he forgot about me, I mean, he has the band now and I can't see him anymore se yeah...' I said while fighting back the tears. 'Do you want it to be like this?' Luke asked, he sat next to Calum. 'Ofcourse not.' 'Uhm...Niall didn't forgot about you.' Ashton said, joining us. 'He didn't?' 'He actually talks a lot about you, how you always supported him and how he misses you.' Calum said. 'Let's go to the freaking underground and head over to the O2 arena!' Ashton shouted. Calum took my arm and pulled me with him.



After a ride of fiveteen minutes we arrived at the O2. We jumped out of the underground and ran to the arena. 'They are never going to let me go backstage.' I said. 'But what if Five Seconds Of Summer wants to rehearse to?' Ashton said with a smirk. 'Five what?' 'Ashton looked a bit hurt because of my question but soon got exited again when he pulled me with him to the artist entrance. Luckely The secuerty let us in. 


I was behind the stage, I could see the boys of One Direction, I could see Niall. 'I'm gonna leave you here, good luck.' Ashton patted my back and left again.


So dear I stood, behind the stage, living every fans dream. But I was just focussing on one boy, one special boy called Niall. Nervous I moved my right footh back and forth. Should I go to them? I collected all my mood and slowely walked over to them. The first one to turn around and notice me was the Louis. 'Uhh guys, a fan got in.' Harry turned around to. 'Where's Paul?' Now they all turned around and I saw Niall, wow he got so handsome. Louis was about to get the secuerty when Niall pulled him back. 'Wait...I know that girl.' He walked over to me and a big smile grew on his face. 'Ashley? ASHLEY!' He pulled me into a very tight hug and I had the feeling he would never let me go again. I was never so happy to hug someone before, gosh I missed these Horan-hugs so much.


'I missed you Ashley, I missed you.' Niall said with a shacking voice. I wasn't ably to say something, I just let the tears out and sobbed into his chest. 'Oh Ash I thought I would never see you again, ohh I'm so happy.' 'Don't let me go Niall.' I said with a soft voice. Niall hold me tighter, but what I actually ment was stay in my life please. 


Niall slowly backed of, still holding my shoulders in his hands. He had tears in his eyes and a single tears was rolling down his cheeck. 'Niall I thought you forgot about me..' 'Forgot about you? I don't think that's possible! Girl I was about to go back to Ireland after the tour to visit you, I talked sick about you to everyone who listens.' I chuckled. 'So this pretty girl is Ashley.' Harry said. 'Hands of curly.' Louis said while poking his waist. 


'Ash... You have grown so much, you got more beautiful every year.' Niall said, stucking a piece of my hair behind my ear. 'You became pretty handsome.' I said poking his stomach. I loved the cdute 'ouch' sound he makes when I poke him there. I feld my phone vibrate and took it out of my pocket. 16 missed calls from mum. Oh shit! This is no good! My mum has no idea where I am! 'Oh my...I went out of the hotel this morning and left a note to say I would be back for dinner. My mum is propably totally freaking out right now!' I said with a quick voice. Niall smiled and took my phone. 'Shall I explain to her?' I smiled and nodded. 'My mum can't be mad at you.' 'Exactly.'


So Niall called my mum and ofcourse she freaked out but as soon as she heard Niall, she calmed down and now I just have to go back to the hotel. 'When do I see you again.' Niall asked giving me another tight hug. 'Whene ver you have time.' 'tomorrow we can go eat somewhere and than I can take you to the concert in the evening.' 'Great!' Niall gave me a kiss one forhead and I left, looking behind me untill I was out of the arena. 


'And?' I jumped a meter in the air because of of the sudden voice behind me. I turned around and saw Calum chuckling. 'Im sorry I startled you.' 'It's ok, everything is ok.' 'Glad to hear that.' 'I need to go home.' 'By yourself? Alone? on the underground? Let me be your bodyguard.' Calum said sticking out his arm. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me with him like he did before. Somehow I liked it, I just liked Calum and I couldn't really say why. The only things I knew about him was the his name's Calum and he has four best friens, and...that's it. 


We sat in the underground and it was silent so I took the moment to pop a question I was thinkinjg about all day. 'Uhm, what's Five Of Summer?' Calum gave me an amused look. 'That's the band I'm in with Ashton, Michael and Luke.' 'Oh, cool.' Now I got why Ashton looked a bit hurt before. 'I was a bit in my own world, not knowing what was happening around me.' 'It's ok.' Calum said, putting his arm around me. Without thinking I laid my head on his shoulder.'

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